IgnitionDeck Commerce | Mandrill and SendGrid Integrations

October 2023: Please note that these integrations are being deprecated and will be removed from the plugin with a future release. Our recommendation is to use a mailer plugin such as WP Mail STMP to handle the email functionality of your site if not enabled by your hosting provider.

Transactional Emails

A Transactional Email is a one-time email related to a customer action such as registering for an account or making a purchase. Other examples of transactional emails include lost password emails, social sharing emails, and notification emails.

Since it is crucial that your transactional emails arrive at their destination quickly and reliably, we recommend using a service like Mandrill or SendGrid for these. Some advantages to using services like these, instead of your hosting account’s regular php mail functionality include:

  • Faster delivery
  • Less likelihood of spam filtering
  • Analytics
  • An overall better experience when setting up transactional emails, testing them or troubleshooting, if you are having problems.

Mandrill Integration for Transactional Emails

Retrieve your Mandrill API from your Mandrill Account’s “SMTP & API Info” screen (in the Settings Sub-Menu)

Paste your Mandrill API Key into the API field on the IDC main settings page. Check the box to “Enable Mandrill” and click the Save button.

SendGrid Integration for Transactional Emails

Enter your SendGrid API Key into the API field on IDC main settings page. Check the box to “Enable SendGrid” and click the Save button below.

Receipt Settings

In the “General Settings” section of the IDC main settings page, you must enter a “Company Name,” and a “Customer Service Email,” or your transactional emails will fail to send. The Company Name is who the email recipient sees as the sender. The Customer Service Email is who they will be sending to if they reply to your transactional email.

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