Buy Now Button

Super Flexible Buy Now Buttons Anywhere You Want

IDC 1.6’s new button shortcode allows you total flexibility with where you can put pay-what-you-want checkout functionality. The shortcode has several options that allow you to control button display text, the IDC product-id, the image that shows up in the IDC lightbox, and you can even add HTML Class and ID selectors to the button, in case you want to add special styling to it.

[idc_button product="1" thumb="http://image-url.png" text="Buy This!" classes="button classes" id="button-id"]

The new button shortcode works in any page or post and uses the following arguments:

  • the IDC product ID(required) The IDC Product ID
    • As of IDC 1.6.8 the product ID will accept a comma separated list to include the option to choose from a list of items that could correspond to product variations:
      [ idc_button  product="1,2,3" text=”Choose your size!” classes=”button classes” id=”button-id” ]
  • text (required) The display text for the button, like “Buy Now”
  • thumb (optional) Controls the image that shows up in the lightbox
  • id (optional) adds html id to the button
  • classes (optional) adds html classes to the button

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