IgnitionDeck Commerce | Crowdfunding

Pairing IgnitionDeck Commerce (IDC) with IgnitionDeck Crowdfunding (IDCF) makes it easy to build a robust crowdfunding site that will feature a multitude of gateways, email features, content protection, and much more.

IDC Crowdfunding Configuration (Admin)

  1. Create your crowdfunding project via Projects » Add New Project in your WordPress admin navigation menu
  2. Go to the main IDC settings screen and in the Product Settings area create a product for each level of your new crowdfunding project, ensuring that the price of each product matches the minimum price for its corresponding Project Reward Level.
  3. Go to the IDC » Crowdfunding settings screen and use the Product/Level Connections area to connect your IDC Products to your IDCF Project Reward Levels.
    1. Select the IDC Product from the dropdown menu
    2. Check the box for the Reward Level you want your Product connected to.
    3. Click the Save Assignments button
    4. Do this for each Product/Reward Level connection

    Once you have connected your IDC Products to your IDCF Project Reward Levels, you will see IDC’s lightbox/popover dialogue when clicking to support the project via your site’s front-end. Once you choose a contribution level and click the next button, will be taken to the IDC Purchase Form to select a payment method. This means IDCF and IDC are working together properly.

    IDC Crowdfunding Configuration Front-End Submissions (Enterprise Only)

    If using IgnitionDeck Enterprise, projects will be submitted on the front-end and associated automatically. Use the admin settings only when creating products via the admin or when needing to make changes to projects/products that already exist.

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