How to Set Up Instant Checkout

By making it as easy as possible for customers to purchase what they want from your company’s IgnitionDeck Commerce-powered site, your company can increase sales and retain valuable customers. When it comes to your company’s established customers, repeat business is often less about getting them to spend money, but rather, letting them. Large e-commerce outlets understand this, which is why services exist like Amazon’s “one click checkout” or iTune’s “express checkout”.

That’s why IgnitionDeck Commerce (IDC) comes with powerful instant checkout features which make it easy to offer additional products right from your customers’ Member Dashboards. By placing relevant content right at your customers’ fingertips and reducing barriers to purchase, you can make the shopping experience on your web site seamless and enjoyable for your customers.

How Customers Use Instant Checkout

Once they have either used a credit card to make a purchase, or have credits assigned to their account, customers can choose to enable instant checkout. From their account screen on the Dashboard, a check box appears at the bottom, labelled “Instant Checkout”. One click to check the box, one click to save their account settings, and it’s done. It’s that simple.

From this point forward, any product which you have configured for instant checkout can be theirs instantly, paid for either with their credit card or assigned virtual credits. Any credit card information is saved securely on your payment processor’s servers, and can be referenced by a token from your web site any time the customer wishes to make a purchase. As long as this box remains checked, all future sales will go through with a simple confirmation, with no additional card details required.

Note: No credit card information is retained on your site’s servers by using IDC’s Instant Checkout feature.

Since keeping your customers’ credit card information secure is a top priority, IDC is securely integrated with trusted payment gateways which handle processing future payments, once your customer has enabled Instant Checkout when making a purchase from your IDC-powered site.

Configuring Dashboard Downloads for Instant Checkout

You can leverage the instant checkout process further by creating special downloads available for purchase directly from the customer’s dashboard. The dashboard is a great place to showcase new or complementary products alongside the products that your customer has already purchased.

From IDC’s main screen in the back-end, select or create a download and check the box labeled “Enable Dashboard Purchases”. Checking this will reveal up to two new options: Instant Checkout Product Assignment and (if Crowdfunding for IDC is enabled) Instant Checkout Crowdfunding Assignment.

The product you select under the Instant Checkout Product Assignment will be assigned to a user who purchases the download off their dashboard. This determines the price of the dashboard purchase, membership level assigned, etc. If a crowdfunding project is selected as well, the purchase amount counts towards the goal amount of the project.

Once you’ve saved the download, you’ll immediately see it appear on the dashboard, ready for purchase!

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