500 Framework Release Notes

Release notes specific to the 500 Framework theme


  • (Fix) Fix parameters for social sharing hook to make it more flexible
  • Changed files: project-hDeck.php, project-hDeck-home.php, style.css, and style-fat


  • Add ignitiondeck_share_public_project_page hook to enable social sharing on frontend project page
  • Changed files: project-hDeck.php, project-hDeck-home.php, style.css, and style-fat.css


  • (Fix) Antivirus/Firewall utilities were blocking scripts for generating share links so replaced with links and images for more reliable sharing
  • Changed files: project-social.php, style.css, and style-fat.css


  • Removed deprecated Google Analytics integration
  • Changed files: templates/admin/_themeSettings.php, functions.php, style-fat.css, and style.css


  • (Fix) Social sharing icons broken
  • Changed files: project-social.php, style.css, and style-fat.css


  • (Fix) Check if array key exists error with PHP 8
  • Changed files: front-page.php, loop-project.php,style.css, and style-fat.css


  • (Fix) Added parenthesis to ternary operator for PHP 8 compatibility
  • Changed files: functions.php, style-fat.css, and style.css


  • (Fix) Drop navigation issues with latest WP
  • Changed files: js/fivehundred-min.js, js/fivehundred.js, style-fat.css, and style.css


  • Fix: responsiveness of video embeds on pages and posts
  • Fix: deprecated jquery events
  • Changed files: js/fivehundred-admin-min.js, js/fivehundred-admin.js, js/fivehundred-min.js, js/fivehundred.js, and style.css


  • Fix: PHP Warning on add_menu_page function — removed invalid parameter.
  • Update: Language files.


  • Fix: Ensure WP Media scripts are loaded in 500 admin menu, which fixes issue with add logo button
  • Improvement: New menu setting to add create project button in site description, which when active, will hide it on the my projects menu


  • Fix: Update price and goal related filters to use no_format = true and use $project_summary class for all vars
  • Improvement: Add Instagram to social footer, re-arrange home social icons to footer, and update markup/CSS to use icon format instead of ::after CSS specs
  • Improvement: Make footer link nofollow


  • Fix: Date sorting issues in project grid have been resolved
  • Improvement: Minify CSS and javascript
  • Improvement: Move social links to the footer; include Instagram
  • Fix: Hide mobile donate button when project is closed
  • Improvement: Remove social and about sections from project grid template
  • Improvement: Minor general styling updates; minor mobile style updates


  • Fix: Days left and other missing translation variables
  • Improvement: Two new alignment layouts for the 500 Content Wide (custom) widget
  • Improvement: Multiple updates to mobile design and layout
  • Improvement: Migrate away from accessing postmeta directly and instead using class methods
  • Improvement: Deprecate project type
  • Improvement: Make settings menu modular via multiple hooks and filters that detect installed features and modules


  • Improvement: Option to hide footer credits for Enterprise users


  • Fix: Replace Facebook like with share
  • Fix: Modify the_excerpt filter to prevent echo of shortcodes in header
  • Fix: Powered by IgnitionDeck logo now loads via http or https
  • Improvement: Let IDF handle enqueuing of Font Awesome
  • Improvement: Multiple updates to improve Theme Check functionality


  • Improvement: New project grid widget
  • Improvement: Move language files to /languages_default so they won’t be overwritten when updating
  • Fix: Only load share icons when not empty
  • Improvement: Return trimmed version of post content when excerpt is empty. Default to this instead of manual excerpt() function used prior.
  • Improvement: Remove isolated version of jQuery datepicker and instead rely on WP default version
  • Improvement: Add before/after hooks for account menu items
  • Improvement: Minor text updates and jQuery/CSS improvements


  • Improvement: Update author name to IgnitionDeck


  • Improve responsiveness of 500 content widgets
  • Groundwork being laid for big changes coming to IgnitionDeck soon


  • Use idf_handle_video to process video embed code or raw url via oembed
  • Rounding percentage of progress to zero decimal points.
  • Hide unsuccessful projects in archive and home project listings.
  • Color customization updates for use with IDC
  • Added hooks for above and below projects grids on archive and home


  • Category title added to project summary
  • Category title added to project details page
  • Default styles separated from the main stylesheet for easy implementation in child theme.
  • Category dropdown issue fixed for mobile
  • Added search functionality for custom post projects.
  • Added new hooks to use for project grid in child themes


  • Fixed menu dropdown for IE
  • Fixed Mobile menu
  • Fixed feature project image alignment in hDeck
  • Changed the social share template, it now uses ID social share


  • Move social settings to ID Social in order to better segregate and isolate functionality
  • Minor adjustment to the way we produce page meta titles to ensure title is not duplicated
  • Remove check for global backer_list so that backer list displays
  • Add taxonomy archive template for project type


  • Tabs have been added to the project page in order to separate the description, comments, FAQ, Update, and Backer List
  • Updated styling for default WP widgets so that they better integrate into the theme design and layout
  • Fix spelling of ‘Project Ends’
  • Remove erroneous function that overrode the grid shortcode
  • Fix some bugs with display of percentage on summary template
  • Only show FAQ & Update if not empty
  • Only show comments if enabled
  • Support for comments on project pages


  • Fix issue with permalink structure causing broken links after selecting level in lightbox and on my account screen


  • Fix some display (sizing, margins, etc) issues with project grid h3’s
  • Account for default permalinks in lightbox popup and in navigation menu items
  • Improve color customization in widgets
  • Modify project CSS to be less rigid and more modular by adopting classes instead of id’s
  • Fix multiple template bugs causing duplicate currency symbols, number format errors, or improper currency display


  • Remove duplicate currency code from front-end templates
  • Add fh_widget class to each 500 Content Widget to assist with styling


  • Remove number formatting and other redundancies now that IDCF has a set of base filters to use for price and percentage display
  • Update to Font Awesome 4.2
  • Fix bug that caused widget media to load into background instead of its proper text input


  • Transition IDCF image 1 to post thumbnail and update theme functions accordingly
  • Transition from product_name to post title for IDCF projects
  • Re-organize and re-prioritize admin settings menu options
  • Add new ‘Blog Page’ setting for use with certain themes
  • Add odd/even class to wide widgets for use with custom styling
  • Update wide widgets to insure that height cannot be set to 0
  • Fix home level loop bug that led to invalid template being loaded with missing project ID
  • Fixed lightbox path causing lightbox to load improperly on certain servers
  • Remove bug causing double ‘Read More’ on certain pages


  • Fixed bug preventing upload of images after saving. Click handling events added to jQuery widget update trigger.
  • CSS Fix: Remove line-height applied to Body, introduced in previous release.


  • Add success class and styling to project grid
  • Support for IDC pay what you want feature
  • Use post title instead of project title where appropriate
  • Add hook below projects for easy addition of content
  • Add filter to home page grid option so that it can be removed programmatically
  • Fix level 1 description bug
  • Fix ‘Required IgnitionDeck’ message bug
  • Sold out levels no longer clickable
  • Fix issue causing broken checkout URL when project set to home and using IDF
  • Move reset, widgets, comments, and responsive CSS to separate stylesheet
  • Optimize theme customizer queries and CSS
  • Add filter to archive and grid titles


  • Fix issue causing broken purchase form link when project is set to home page and using IDF
  • Fix for those not using latest version of IDCF


  • Integrate with IgnitionDeck’s lightbox and level select capabilities
  • Remove app.net from sharing options
  • Add taxonomy template for project categories in grid format
  • Add actions before and after level loops
  • Apply filter to level link inside of the levels loop so that it can be easily modified by child themes
  • Apply filter to customizations so that they can be overwritten or modified
  • Add filter to header class so that it can be modified
  • Add filter to 500 settings so that they can be modified by child themes and/or new menu items can be added easily
  • Fix duplicate auto-play bug
  • Update template variables to use IDCF classes and class methods so that we can deprecate 500 functions
  • Fix usort bug on custom level orders
  • Stop loading skin CSS on edit project page


  • Fix Previous/Next pagination via wp query global
  • Fix issue with background color not being set on 500 Content Wide
  • Fix Color Customization bug regarding 500 Content Wide (custom)


  • Migrate featured project feature from 500 Classic to 500 Framework
  • New click to play feature that allows visitors to click featured image to play video. Will show play button as a cue to click
  • New widgetized footer that will auto-adjust widget width based on the number of widgets loaded
  • Remove stray navigation menu from 404, search, tag, and index templates
  • Fix % raised calculation in featured project template
  • Fix bug that was not allowing FAQ/Updates to display on home page
  • Update home page query so that it pulls the proper post information when single project or project grid is set to home
  • Fix level links when permalinks are set to default
  • Fix some number formatting on project display
  • Apply id_end_month filter to month outputs
  • Switch home sharing links to Font Awesome icons
  • Dequeue IgnitionDeck skins on front-end submission and registration form so that they can be styled by theme or custom CSS
  • Updated pagination styling
  • Update Login link to show Logout when user is logged in


  • New custom CSS input in theme settings menu
  • Complete overhaul of new home content widgets to add more flexibility and simplify options
  • Fix Google Analytics syntax bug
  • Fix about us HTML issues
  • Minor CSS tweaks/updates
  • Implement ID license requirements
  • Levels no longer link when sold out or when project is closed
  • Fix double ‘more projects’ bug


  • Fix days left on project grid
  • Remove unused featured image from project page
  • Multiple style tweaks
  • Fix nav-below placement
  • Update to Font Awesome 3.0
  • Update grid category to use new project_category taxonomy
  • Add option to view all categories
  • Responsive tweaks and improvements
  • New home page and project page content widgets
  • Fix division by zero error


  • Fix fatal error from missing widget class


  • Unlink levels on closed projects that have ended
  • Add creator profile to front end project content display (IDE)
  • Fix purchase URL bug
  • Add color options to customizations screen
  • Fix number format issue on percentage display
  • Fix about us section HTML bug
  • Fix bug resulting in bad or improper days left count


  • Support for Google Analytics code snippet
  • Additional support for IDE
  • new hook for do_action(‘id_before_content_description’)
  • Sticky footer fix
  • Main image as default background for video field
  • Minor style updates
  • Add login/create account/my account to menu if MD/IDE is installed
  • Updated translation files
  • Update filters to support the KS Import Extension
  • Fix bouncing of submenu


  • Fix broken query on archive
  • Remove auto paragraph spacing on purchase form


  • Styling for Front End Submission
  • Now able to set custom home page/blog post page via reading settings
  • Support for custom level order
  • Switch from TimbThumb to WP thumbnails
  • Use https for auto-update
  • Add project ID to social buttons for embed code
  • Fix issue with empty logo overwriting text header
  • Fix PWYW Purchase from when routed through level click
  • Unify purchase form linking
  • Minor style updates
  • Apply filter to purchase form
  • Fix project grid sorting bug on custom home page
  • Remove grid sorting info from non-grid pages and templates
  • Use proper summary on blog page


  • New grid filtering by meta_key and category
  • Updated purchase form styling
  • Updated language files


  • Prep for grid filtering
  • Fix title on 404 page (was improperly linked)
  • Apply filters (the_content) to 500 loop
  • Update translation framework
  • Adjust home page markup to replace unnecessary post ID request
  • Remove edit post links
  • Dequeue base IgnitionDeck stylesheets on purchase form
  • CSS fix for mobile sized responsive width
  • Remove deprecated Open Sans request


  • Disable links to sold out levels


  • Wrap all loop content (short descriptions, etc) with the_content filter
  • Upgrade sidebar to properly link to purchase form. Includes hover effect
  • Fix category template so it includes all post types
  • Correct header link on category page
  • Prevent short description from wrapping under content in header


  • Support for automatic updates
  • WooCommerce Support
  • Minor semantic tweaks to code
  • Fixed bug causing logo to wrap under body
  • Replace screenshot with official screenshot
  • Add level group wrapper to levels sidebar


  • Fix missing div on bottom of home page causing content to wrap under header
  • Fix unclosed h3 tag causing some display issues


  • skipped


  • Fix stray div
  • Make sure text logo links properly
  • Styling for strong and em tags
  • Text replaced with translation ready strings
  • Remove deprecated CSS file
  • Add support for projects to category/tag templates


  • Fix custom currencies bug
  • Fix bug with some forms of permalinks


  • Fix bug that kept featured project from archive listing


  • Fix for home settings if Classic was enabled but later disabled


  • Support for stretch goals
  • Comments support on project pages
  • Font Awesome included


  • Minor bug fixes


  • Minor bug fixes
  • Adjust end date to only show if set


  • Text updates
  • Exclude featured project from home grid
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Update wrapper classes
  • Featured project support


  • Minor styling updates


  • Initial release

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