Funding Type Options

IgnitionDeck Enterprise offers five funding type choices for projects submitted via the front-end submission form:

  • Immediately Deliver Funds: (also known as fixed funding), processes payments immediately
  • 100% Threshold: (also known as pre-authorization/all-or-nothing), takes payment information, but does not actually process the payment until the funding goal is reached.
  • Immediately Deliver Funds + 100%: project creators will be able to choose between the two when submitting a project.
  • Immediately Deliver Funds + Subscription: project creators can choose between one-time payments from supporters or recurring payments. Recurring payments can be set to weekly, monthly, or yearly.
  • All: project creators can choose which of the three types of funding they wish to use, on a per-project basis.

By default, the front-end submission form will use the  immediately deliver funds option, but this can be easily changed via the IgnitionDeck Commerce (IDC) Crowdfunding settings at IDC » Crowdfunding, where you can choose between the funding types available to front-end project creators.

Should you make a mistake or need to change the funding type for a project after it has been submitted, you can do so by going to the main settings screen of IgnitionDeck Commerce and selecting the product from the dropdown menu in Product Settings section.

Note: Since IgnitionDeck Commerce is also an e-commerce solution for selling products outside of a crowdfunding scenario, the terminology for the funding options is slightly different on this screen.

  • Order = Immediately Deliver funds.
  • Pre-Order = 100% Threshold
  • License Type: Recurring = Subscription

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