IgnitionDeck Commerce | Handling Pre-Orders

In addition to instant content delivery, ID Commerce can also take customer information for pre-orders and only charge once the product is ready for delivery. This integrates fully with IgnitionDeck crowdfunding projects that use the 100% threshold payment model.

Note that if you’re using IDE, IDC will automatically create pre-order products for creators submitting 100% threshold crowdfunding projects.

How to create a pre-order product

  1. Navigate to the main ID Commerce page in your backend and look for the Project Settings box
  2. Open the Transaction Type drop menu and select "Pre-Order".
    Note this will disable Paypal as a payment gateway. You will have to make sure another gateway is configured such as Stripe.

How to process pre-orders when you’re ready to deliver

  1. Navigate to the Gateways screen under ID Commerce
  2. At the bottom is the Process Pre-Authorizations section. Select the product you’re ready to release and click “Process Authorizations”.
    Customers will now be charged and given access to any posts, pages or downloads associated with that product level
  3. Important note: processing a reward level multiple times will not charge a supporter multiple times. A pre-authorization, once processed the first time, can not be processed again.

*IgnitionDeck Enterprise

At the end of a creator's project, all pre-orders for all reward levels can be processed in one shot by using the Process Project Pre-Authorizations section. 

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