Parent and Child Project Hierarchy

IgnitionDeck Crowdfunding supports Child/Parent relationships between crowdfunding projects.  In this scenario, a child-project's funds raised count toward its parent-project's fundraising goal, as well as its own.

IDCF Projects can have up to three levels of hierarchy (Child, Parent, and Grandparent Projects). All Projects in a hierarchy inherit the total  amount raised below them in the chain and count it toward their "amount raised."

In this example, the Child Project has raised $25 of its own, the Parent has raised $10 of its own, and the Grandparent Project has raised $10 of its own. The Parent and Grandparent inherit the amount raised from the projects below them in the hierarchy, so the Parent Project displays $35 and  the Grandparent Project displays $45.

 To create a hierarchy between projects:

  1. Go to the Edit Screen for the project you would like to assign as a child project.
  2. In in "Page Attributes" section, on the right side of the screen, select a the project you would like to the parent from the "Project Parent" selector
  3. Update your project.

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