Where can I see a demo of the plugin?

You can take a tour of the admin side of a WordPress site with the IgnitionDeck plugins and our Multifondo theme here:

What will you see in the admin side demo?

  • The IgnitionDeck and IDC (ID Commerce) plugins with their associated configuration for the IgnitionDeck Enterprise functionality
  • Projects set up with a single reward assigned to each project
  • Products created and connected to the reward level of each project
  • A payment placed on a project
  • The front end dashboard that creators and project supports
  • Dashboard including the user profile, order history, backer history, as well as the create project front end functionality.

Note: the admin demo is of the full IgnitionDeck Enterprise functionality. Features may be missing in the free and Echelon versions.

Theme demos

Theme demos are front end only demos that will allow you to see the possible styling of the crowdfunding site. The themes do not alter the functionality of the IgnitionDeck plugins seen within the IgnitionDeck admin demo.

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