IgnitionDeck Plugin

The IgnitionDeck plugin is the parent plugin of the crowdfunding plugin suite. This plugin calls the dependencies for the other two plugins: IgnitionDeck Crowdfunding and IgnitionDeck Commerce, and reports any updates for the plugin suite.

There are 5 menu items that appear by default upon activation of the plugin:

  1. Dashboard—license activation and commerce platform selection
  2. Themes—summary of IgnitionDeck themes available and links to the IgnitionDeck website for purchase and/or download
  3. Modules—available with IgnitionDeck Echelon and IgnitionDeck Enterprise
  4. Project Settings
  5. Deck Builder—used to style IgnitionDeck project content when using a non-IgnitionDeck theme
  6. IDCF Orders

Additional menu items will appear depending on which optional modules are enabled.

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