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The IgnitionDeck Social Extension (ID Social) makes it possible for IgnitionDeck Commerce members to register for and log into their Member Dashboard using their Facebook account.  For sites running IgnitionDeck Enterprise, this means that people can sign up with their Facebook login to create crowdfunding campaigns.

Installation of ID Social

NOTE: In order for ID Social to work properly, your email address in Settings > General must match the email address of the Facebook account you use to create your Facebook App ID.

  1. Once you have purchased the ID Social Extension, download it from your dashboard under the Licenses tab.
  2. Install ID Social to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory and activate it. This can be done by either uploading with FTP and then activating via the WordPress Plugins screen,  or via WordPress’ Plugin Uploader found in Plugins > Add New.  You will now have a new link in your IgnitionDeck settings area called “Social.”

Enabling Social Media Sharing

  1. Go to IgnitionDeck » Social and activate the applicable social icons under Social Sharing Settings* for sharing options to be made available on the projects.
    * Sharing on Facebook requires a Facebook Application ID
  2. Sharing can be enabled on regular WP posts and pages by checking the corresponding options.
  3. For sites using the 500 Framework or a 500 child theme, there is also an option to enable social network links in the footer area of the site. Enable the options to be used and enter the corresponding ID for the social account:

Facebook Application and/or Facebook Login

  1. Log into Facebook and register to be an App Developer at Facebook will prompt you to accept their Terms of Service, and verify your registration via a text message or phone call.
  2. Create your new Facebook App ID by navigating to > IgnitionDeck > Social, and click the “Create App” link. This will take you to Facebook’s app creation scre
  3. Add a New App to your Facebook Developer Account. Follow Facebook’s prompts to create a new app for a website (WWW) using the Javascript method.  Give your new app a name and select a category.
  4. Click the “Add a New App” button
  5. Click the “WWW” button to make an app for a website
  6. Give your app a name and a category and click the “Create App ID” button
  7. Use the “Setup the Facebook SDK for JavaScript” area of your new app to find and copy your App ID code.  Copy the characters within the quotes from the Javascript code. With ID Social, you only need the alphanumberic App ID value, not the whole Javascript code
  8. Paste your App ID into the “Facebook Application ID” field in > IgnitionDeck > Social, and click the save button.  This will install all the required Javascript into your website’s pages, so you don’t need to edit your theme files to connect your site to Facebook’s AP
  9. Back at Facebook’s “Setup SDK” screen, enter your website’s address in the “Tell us about your website” area, right below the Javascript code you copied your App ID from.  Click the “Next’ button.

    Paste your website’s URL including the http://

  10. Finally, set the App to Live.

You should now see a Facebook button on your Login and Register pages.

NOTE: This level of Facebook Integration does not currently require app approval from facebook.

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