IgnitionDeck - free

Setting up the free version of IgnitionDeck

  1. Install and register the free IgnitionDeck Plugin:
  2. Set your commerce platform to IgnitionDeck Commerce
  3. Install and activate the 500 Framework theme (required)
  4. Set the defaults for your site:
    • Settings » General » Timezone should be set to the nearest city in your timezone rather than the default UTC options
    • Settings » Reading » Your homepage displays to "Latest posts". For best results, also set the Blog pages show at most to a multiple of four (i.e. 4, 8, 12) as the homepage grid displays projects in four columns
    • Settings » Permalink should be set to Post Name. Resave this again if it was previously set as Post Name before the plugin installation.
  5. Create two pages to be used for the checkout and supporter dashboard:
    • Checkout page containing the shortcode [idc_checkout]
    • Dashboard page containing the shortcode [idc_dashboard]
  6. Set the default locations using the pages created in step 5:
    • IgnitionDeck » Project Settings, select the checkout page created
    • IDC » IDC » Dashboard Settings, select the dashboard page created
  7. Enter the site name and contact email address in IDC » IDC » Receipt Settings
  8. Choose the global currency to be displayed on the projects in IDC » IDC » Currency Settings
  9. Set up PayPal in IDC » Gateways
  10. Create your first project

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