How to Renew an IgnitionDeck License

The IgnitionDeck Echelon and IgnitionDeck Enterprise licenses are annual renewable licenses. 

To renew a license, you can either:

  • click on the link provided in the emailed renewal notice and complete your transaction, or
  • log into your account and navigate to My Account » Licenses & Downloads and click on the Extend License button to proceed to the checkout.

It is not necessary to wait until the last day of the current license to renew. In both methods, the renewal date will be updated based on the existing expiry date (i.e. the expiry is 12 months from the original purchase date) and will not the renewal date.

Please note: any renewals or new purchases made as of February 2022 will be set up with an automatic renewal in place to avoid having licenses terminate. You can manage your subscription from the dashboard (cancel, update payment method, etc.). 

What happens if I don't renew my license?

A valid IgnitionDeck license provides access to the paid features associated with the particular license, code updates, and support access. If the plugin license is not renewed upon reaching the expiry date, the plugin functionality will revert to the free version of the plugin, and access to code update and support will be discontinued. 

If your license expires in the middle of a campaign, the project will continue to accept payments but only with PayPal and immediate capture/recurring payments. If PayPal is not available and/or the funding type is not supported by PayPal (i.e. pre-authorized payment), the checkout will report "no payment gateway available". Paid features such as front end project creation, etc. will be disabled until the license is renewed.

I forgot to renew my license! Do I need to restart from scratch?

No. Provided that the plugins were not deleted from the site when when the license expired, all the settings and content will still be preserved in your database until such time as the license has been renewed and validated once more on your installation.

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