Site Default Settings

Once the IgnitionDeck plugins have been installed, there are some basic WordPress settings that need to be configured for the optimal performance of the crowdfunding site.

  1. Go to Settings » Permalinks
  2. Select the "Post Name" permalink style: /%post-name%/
  3. Save your settings, even if the Permalink option was already set to "Post Name". This is required because IgnitionDeck Crowdfunding creates a new “custom post type” in your WordPress installation called “Projects.”

Failing to save or re-save your permalink settings after activating IDCF will usually result in “404 Page Not Found” errors on your website. If you have trouble viewing project pages or your purchase form, it is likely that you need to re-save your permalink settings.


  1. Go to Settings » General 
  2. Select the city closest to your location within the same time zone rather than the UTC+/- method, as the UTC method can cause problems in some cases.
  3. If project dates are not being calculated correctly, set the date format to m/d/Y format (middle option) rather than the default WP F j, Y format or d/m/y for the correct calculation of project beginning and end dates.
  4. Save the settings

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