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The IgnitionDeck Shareasale Affiliate Management Extension allows you to easily integrate your IgnitionDeck Commerce site with Shareasale’s affiliate marketing system.

How to Install Shareasale Affiliate Management

  1. Once you have purchased the Shareasale Affiliate Management Extension, download it from your IgnitionDeck Dashboard.
  2. Install Shareasale Affiliate Management to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory and activate it. This can be done by either uploading with FTP and then activating via the WordPress Plugins screen,  or via WordPress’ Plugin Uploader found in Plugins > Add New.
  3. Register or login to your Shareasale Merchant Account:
  4. Enter your Shareasale Merchant ID in IDC > Shareasale and click the Save button.
  5. Now IDC purchases made by visitors using a Shareasale affiliate tracking link will trigger Sharesale’s affiliate system. Affiliate revenue and links are all handled via your Shareasale account. For more information on how to use Shareasale, please refer to the Shareasale Help Center.

Important note when updating from v. 1.0.4 to v. 1.0.5 (March 2024)

A correction to the file naming structure has been made to facilitate correct plugin update process moving forward. To proceed with this version update:

  1. Deactivate v. 1.0.4
  2. Upload and activate v. 1.0.5
  3. Delete v. 1.0.4

All records and settings will be preserved by following these steps.

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