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Quickly transfer raw Kickstarter campaign data into your new IgnitionDeck project to continue where your Kickstarter campaign left off, or raise funds on two websites simultaneously. Totals are updated hourly!

The Kickstarter extension will pull in the data regarding the pledges made on a live Kickstarter campaign. While the KS campaign is live, you can enter the URL of the KS campaign and the IgnitionDeck project will show the number of backers and the pledged amount will be added to the project’s progress tracking. HOWEVER, if the Kickstarter campaign has already closed, you will not be able to send this data over because KS dumps the metadata that is used to update the IgnitionDeck project.

To use:

  1. Download the free IgnitionDeck Kickstarter Import module from your IgnitionDeck account (ZIP file format):
  2. Open the Plugins » Add New in your WordPress admin. Select the File Upload option and choose the file to upload.
  3. Activate the module just like a regular WP plugin.
  4. There are no settings to configure. There will be an extra field located in the project backend for the Kickstarter project URL. 

Note: only the values of the Kickstarter project will be included with the IgnitionDeck project:

  1. the number of Backers supporting the Kickstarter project,
  2. the total pledged amount on the Kickstarter project.

For example, if your IgnitionDeck project has 15 supporters that have pledged $1500 and your Kickstarter project has had 20 backers with $2000 pledged, the total value displayed on the IgnitionDeck project will be 35 supporters and $3500.

Details on the backers (i.e. names, comments, etc.) will not be included in the IgnitionDeck project Backer's tab. Financial transactions and details of those orders will not be transferred to the IgnitionDeck project—financial / order data will remain with the platform the transaction occurred on.

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