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Mixpanel offers custom event tracking and analytics for websites and applications, making it the perfect companion to your current web analytics platform. By default, this extension (requires IgnitionDeck Commerce) tracks every button/link click on the project, payment choice clicks, and purchase form clicks. It also tracks every sale, capturing variables such as price, project name, level name, transaction id, and order status.

How to Install and Use Mixpanel Analytics.

  1. Once you have purchased the Mixpanel IDC Analytics extension, download it from your IgnitionDeck Dashboard.
  2. Install Mixpanel IDC Analytics to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory and activate itThis can be done by either uploading with FTP and then activating via the WordPress Plugins screen,  or via WordPress’ Plugin Uploader found in Plugins > Add New.
  3. A new menu item will be available in the IDC plugin
  4. Sign up for an account on In the main dashboard, create a tracking project from the menu top righ. Enter the project name and click the Create Project button.
  5. The extension automatically inserts the JS snippet to activate the tracking on your site so you do not need to take this step.  Just click through the project set up entering any relevant information on your site until you can save the project.
  6. Next, click on the Settings button (gear icon top right) and click on your user name. Click on the Project link in the left hand column:
  7. Copy and paste the Token, API Key, and API Secret from the Mixpanel dashboard
    and enter them in the IDC > Mixpanel Settings
  8. By default, the Mixpanel extension will track all of the following:
    • Purchase form instances
    • Pay selection clicks
    • Buy button clicks
    • User ID, name, email, and referrer
    • Sale conversions, product, and price
    • However, you can set up manual tracking of specific items by defining them in the Event Settings:

Be sure to check out Mixpanel’s documentation and Mixpanel University for further information on how you can use Mixpanel.

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