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The IgnitionDeck Stretch Goals Extension adds special additional content areas to your crowdfunding projects that unlock when predifined funding threshholds are achieved. This way, you can inspire an extra level of excitement and encouragement within your community. Over on our Stretch Goals demo page, we have a great demonstration of Stretch Goals in action.

NOTE: Stretch Goals is intended for the IgnitionDeck (premium) and IgnitionDeck + Membership bundles. Since Stretch Goals only works via back-end-created projects, it’s not intended for use with IgnitionDeck Enterprise.

How to Install and Use Stretch Goals.

  1. Once you have purchased the Stretch Goals Extension, download it from your IgnitionDeck Dashboard.
  2. Install Stretch Goals to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory and activate it. This can be done by either uploading with FTP and then activating via the WordPress Plugins screen,  or via WordPress’ Plugin Uploader found in Plugins > Add New.

Now when creating/editing a project, beneath the Levels section of the edit screen, you will have an area to add Stretch Goals.

HTML for formatting or embedding media is allowed. Also, our Deck Skins already include matching styling for Stretch Goals.

This project has two stretch goals. HTML is allowed in the Stretch Goals content areas. For instance, the second Stretch Goal shown constains a youtube video embed code.

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