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The IgnitionDeck FAQ & Updates Extension adds additional content types to your WordPress installation that work as child content to your site’s crowdfunding projects. FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) pages are intended to be used to give site visitors additional information about crowdfunding projects. Updates are essentially newsletter posts for crowdfunding projects that get emailed to existing supporters and are also displayed on an individual project’s page as blog posts.

How to Install and Use FAQ & Updates.

  1. Download it from your IgnitionDeck Account dashboard under the View Licenses tab.
  2. Install FAQ & Updates to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory and activate it. This can be done by either uploading with FTP and then activating via the WordPress Plugins screen, or via WordPress’ Plugin Uploader found in Plugins > Add New.
  3. Re-save your Permalink Settings in Settings > Permalinks. Skipping this step will result in “404 Page Not Found” errors on your site.

Now your WordPress installation will have two additional top-level links called “FAQs” and “Updates.”

When creating a new Update or FAQ, via the WordPress back-end, assign the FAQ or Update to a Crowdfunding Project via the “Assign to Project” select menu in the page attributes area on the right side of the edit screen.

For sites running IgnitionDeck Enterprise, Updates can be added by project creators via the front-end project edit screen. In this case, project assignment is not necessary.

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