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IgnitionDeck Helix Documentation

IgnitionDeck Helix is an all-in-one control center for WordPress that integrates with IgnitionDeck Commerce (IDC) and WooCommerce (WC) in order to help users navigate to important front-end account screens.

This module was released as part of the IgnitionDeck 1.2.21 update.

Activating Helix

Helix is automatically included when you install the IgnitionDeck plugin, and is available as a module in the IgnitionDeck->Modules menu. To activate, simply locate the Helix module and click “Activate Module.”

Helix Settings

You can configure Helix in two easy steps:

1. Visit the newly activated IgnitionDeck->Helix menu and select the options that best accommodate your website. Left/Right refers to Helix’s position on the page, and Dark/Light refer to the color of the text portion of the menu. Use dark on lightly colored websites, and light on websites with a dark background.

2. You can also add a custom navigation menu to Helix via the Appearance->Menus in your WordPress admin. To do so, simply create a new menu (any name is fine), add the items you wish to display, check the box next to “Helix Primary Menu” to assign this menu to Helix, and save.

Helix without custom nav menu (IgnitionDeck integration shown)

Helix with custom nav menu (IgnitionDeck integration shown)

Default Properties

Helix automatically detects and displays the following information:

  • Username & Avatar
  • Login/Logout forms & buttons
  • Forgot password link
  • Create account link

Helix’s default behavior is to automatically open on pages that require input, but otherwise remain closed and out of the way. To open Helix on any page, simply click the user avatar with + symbol. Click X to close or conceal the menu.

IgnitionDeck & WooCommerce Integration

If you are also using IgnitionDeck Commerce or WooCommerce, then Helix will automatically used the option stored in your IgnitionDeck » Dashboard » Commerce Platform setting, and display a variety of additional platform-related menus.

IgnitionDeck Commerce Menus

WooCommerce MenuWooCommerce Menus

  • Cart
  • Dashboard (my-account)
  • Account (edit-account)
  • Order History (my-account/orders)

The location listed in parenthesis is based on the endpoints set by WooCommerce. If the URL’s are missing or incorrect, please ensure that those pages are setup and properly configured in your WooCommerce settings menu.

Troubleshooting & Support

For additional help configuring and/or using Helix, please visit our support contact form.

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