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IgnitionDeck’s reCAPTCHA integration automatically adds Google’s reCAPTCHA verification to all standard WordPress login and registration forms, including those found in IgnitionDeck and IgnitionDeck Helix. This deterrent will significantly reduce bot and spammer traffic without adding any additional steps to your workflow. Because it’s managed by Google, it is both free and continuously maintained.

reCAPTCHA on login page
  1. To install, simply visit your IgnitionDeck » Modules menu and activate.

    IgnitionDeck reCATCHA module
  2. Navigate to the Google reCAPTCHA admin panel to create API keys for your website. Click the Generate API Keys link and login to your Google account.
  3. In Google reCAPTCHA, click on the + sign on the far right side of the navigation to create a new set of keys for your site (each site requires its own unique key):

    Create new site key
  4. Register your site by creating a label (optional), selecting the reCAPTCHA type, entering the domain, then submitting the information.

    • For optimal and unobtrusive user experience, it is recommended to select the Score based (v3) reCAPTCHA type. This version is also the most current and recommmended.

    • The domain should not include any http or https protocols but can include sub-domains (i.e. and

    Register the site and choose reCAPTCHA version
  5. Copy the generated Site Key and paste it into the Site Key field in the IgnitionDeck reCAPTCHA module settings:

    Copy the Site and Secret keys from the Google reCAPTCHA dashboard
  6. Repeat the copy and paste step for the Secret key.

    Paste Site and Secret keys in the IgnitionDeck reCAPTCHA settings
  7. Save the settings to complete the reCAPTCHA integration.

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