Modules | Square Payments

The Square Payments module for IgnitionDeck allows you to accept donations via the Square credit card checkout API. This is a great option for those of you that already have a Square account and/or use the Square Point of Sale system for merchant processing.

To activate this module, simply visit the IgnitionDeck->Modules menu and click the button to enable it.

Once active, you’ll see a new submenu in the IDC menu entitled Square, which will give you access to the primary settings menu.

You can use the link on that screen to create and retrieve API keys for sandbox and live testing. Once entered correctly, the module will be ready for taking payments. Note that Square Payments uses the test mode setting found in the IDC->Gateways menu.

Square currently supports standard transactions only, which means that pre-orders and subscriptions are not available and should not be used with this module active.

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