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You can customize the transactional emails that IgnitionDeck Commerce (IDC) generates from important user activity, such as registering or making a purchase. This allows you to personalize your branding and keep your customer’s experience consistent with the rest of your web site and business.

IDC uses a series of email templates that trigger at different points in the user experience. You can change these templates by clicking on the IDC » Email menu item in your back-end view. This will offer you a selection box for all available templates, as well as a standard WordPress editor.

You can insert any HTML content, including media and images. Switching to text view will display a number of HTML shortcuts you can use to speed the editing process. You can also use the merge tags displayed to the right of the editor—IDC will replace the merge tag with the user’s appropriate information on the fly.  Please note that not all merge tags are compatible with all of the the templates:

  • the Company, User, and Order Information is used in the Welcome, Purchase and Pre-order Receipts, and the Custom Product template,
  • the Project Information is used in the Project Notification Email templates (Enterprise functionality only),
  • the Product Expiry Information is used in the Product Renewal Notification email template (used with licensed products),
  • and the Update Information is used in the Project Update email template.

At any time, you can click the “Restore Default” button to clear a template and return it to its original state. This is the equivalent to saving a blank custom template.

You can also send a Test Email by clicking on the Test Email button.  It will send an email to the address entered in the IDC » General Settings » Company Email field and will display the template including the merge tags.  Note: the merge tags will not be replaced with live content when testing the email template.

Custom Product Email Template

You can now create a custom email message when a site visitor purchases a particular product.

  1. When creating the product in IDC » Product Settings, select the Custom Product Email checkbox to indicate that the product will have a custom email associated with it.

  2. In IDC > Email, select the Custom Product template from the drop down menu. Select the product you wish to create the email message for.

  3. Create your message in the text field. The merge tags that are available are the same as for other purchase email templates.  Once the email template has been completed, save the template.
  4. Finally, set the Message Status for your email. The Published (Live) status will send the email when the product is purchased, the Draft status will not send the custom email but a regular purchase receipt.

Note: Products for creator projects can have a custom email assigned to them after the product has been created in the Front End Submission form. This can only be done by the site admin and can be done by selecting the previously created product in IDC » Product Settings, checking the Custom Email checkbox, and updating the product.

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