My Project has Closed Prematurely

My project has closed even though the project is dated to close at a future date

Possible causes 

  • Using a non-standard format may result in an erroneous end date. 
  • Using UTC +/- dates 


  • Try experimenting with the remaining date formats in the WP admin Settings » General » Date Format. Recommended to use them/d/Y format.

  • Set the Settings » General » Timezone to the city closest to your location within the same time zone.

  • For more information, please see the Site Default Settings documentation.

My project has closed and I see the error "Updating Date Formats in background. Click here to run now"


  • A start and end dates have not been set for the project. Start and End dates are required even if the project is intended to run indefinitely.


  • Set both a start and end date for the project. Set how the project is to behave when the end date is met. 
  • For more information on end date behaviours and on-going projects, please see the documentation on Creating Projects

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