Front-End Submission Form

The Project Submission Form

The front-end Project Submission form is accessed by navigating to the Create Project/My Projects tab on the user dashboard and clicking the “Create Project” button.

Project Information

Set the basic information about the project – title, goal amount, and campaign dates. Any project categories previously created by administrators in the back-end (via Projects > Project Categories) will appear in the drop-down Project Category menu for all project submitters.

Campaign End Options

Select whether a project continues to accept orders or not after the end date is reached.

Project Details

Project Short Description

The text you enter here will display in the project’s widget (such as when viewing a multitude of projects in the grid view). HTML is not supported in this field.

Project Video

To insert a video for your project, place a video embed code (not a direct link!) into the project video field. These links are usually generated by video upload sites such as Youtube or Vimeo. If you need to use video content that doesn’t have an embed link already provided for it, you can try making your own embed link for it with a service like Embedly

Project Long Description

This text will display beneath your featured image/project video on the full product page. HTML content and WordPress visual editing is supported in the long description.

Project FAQ and Updates

These are additional areas for you to provide summaries of important information about your campaign. The Updates field only appears when editing a project that has already be submitted. If you’re also using the FAQ and Updates extension, any changes to the Update section of a project will cause an update email to be sent to all current backers of the project.

Featured Image

By clicking “Choose File” and uploading an image to the Feature Image slot, you can set the default image that appears both at the top of the main project view as well as in the preview widget (shown in your project grid view, etc). You can easily swap out featured images by clicking the Remove link an re-uploading a new image.

In the main project view, the featured image occupies the same location as the project video. If you’ve entered a link for a project video, then the project view will initially display the featured image with a video play button overlaid on top of it. Upon clicking the play button, the video will replace your featured image and begin playback.

Project Reward Levels

Here, users can specify the number of levels (the available levels to edit will update dynamically as this number changes), and set the basic information about each specific level – price, description, quantity limits, and funding type (if applicable).

Additional Images and Media

In addition to the featured image and project video, you can upload additional media into any project or level “Long Description” field, as well as into the project FAQ and Update sections. To do this, simply click the Add Media button that appears next to the field title, and you’ll be presented with the standard WordPress interface for uploading/inserting media content.

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