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The AffiliateWP module allows you to integrate the AffiliateWP WordPress plugin into your crowdfunding site and create referrals on crowdfunding projects.

The majority of the set up is done within the AffiliateWP plugin's settings. Please see their documentation to get started:

To integrate the IgnitionDeck Crowdfunding projects into AffiliateWP:

  1. Navigate to IgnitionDeck » Modules,
  2. Click the Activate button for the AffiliateWP module
  3. Navigate to AffiliateWP » Settings, under the Integration tab click the box for IgnitionDeck Commerce. This will register the IgnitionDeck Commerce projects and their assocated reward level products with the AffiliateWP plugin as referrable products.
  4. Save your changes.
  5. The remainder of the set up will be conducted through the AffiliateWP plugin. For the convenience of the site users, including a navigation link to the Affiliate dashboard is a good idea. This can be included as a navigation widget in the IgnitionDeck dashboard sidebar (this would only be visible to logged in users) or as part of the site-wide navigation (visible to all site visitors).

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