Updating 500 child themes

The child themes do not have an automatic update process. Whenever there is an update to the parent theme, you should also check your https://members.ignitiondeck.com/ account or the child theme's release notes for any available updates to that child theme. Wherever possible, IgnitionDeck will update the parent theme first and foremost, but some changes may be required on the child theme level.

Obtain the Updated Theme Files

  1. Download the updated ZIP file from your account under the Licenses section
  2. Click the download file for your theme and save the ZIP file to a location on your computer

Updating via the WP Admin

  1. From the wp-admin, navigate to the Themes » Add New and select Upload New
  2. Select the saved ZIP file from your computer and click the Install Now button:
  3. When warned that the theme files already exist on the site, select the option to "replace active with uploaded" and overwrite the existing files
  4. A "theme updated successfully" message will appear if everything went according to plan:

Updating via FTP

  1. Unzip the fivehundred-child_[version].zip package:
  2. Using your FTP program, upload the resulting theme folder to your website’s /wp-content/themes/ directory to overwrite the existing theme folder and contents:

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