File Uploads for Creators

Project creators can offer digital goods as rewards to their backers for supporting their campaign projects. Uploading and attaching digital files is a straight forward process.

Opening the Upload screen

Once the project has been published by the site administrator, the project creator will navigate to their My Projects tab in their dashboard. They click on the Upload icon that appears when hovering their mouse over the project image:

Add the digital files

A new screen will be presented to the project creator.  They can then provide a name for the digital file – this name will appear on the Backer’s dashboard with a download link.  Click on the Choose File button to navigate to the computer folder where the digital file is stored.  Choose the Project Level that the digital file will be assigned to.  Finally click on the Upload File button to finish the set up.

Removing digital rewards

Digital files can be removed by clicking on the X next to the reward / file name under Manage Project Rewards.

Finding product downloads on the member’s dashboard

Depending on how the Dashboard has been set up in IDC > Dashboard Setup, downloads will be found in the default tab of the member dashboard.

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