IgnitionDeck & North Capital DirectInvest

With the rise in equity crowdfunding, services such as KYC/AML checks are a necessity for regulated investment activities. North Capital's Direct Invest button can be used with the IgnitionDeck External Purchase Page functionality to provide secure access to their TransactAPI to complete those checks and provide escrow services for your equity/real estate investment needs.

Important note: The External Purchase Page functionality is only available via the site's admin (Echelon and Enterprise) and not through the front end project creation form (Enterprise)

How to get started

  1. Once you have an account with NorthCapital, you will need to login to your Transact API dashboard
  2. Navigate to the Offerings section located under the Dashboard tab and click on Add New Offering
    Offerings section
  3. Fill out the form fields as required and make note of the Target, Minimum, and Maximum Amounts as these values will be needed for the IgnitionDeck project.
  4. Once the Offering has been submitted, navigate to the Offerings tab. Your new offering will be listed here. Copy the Offering ID.
  5. Return once more to the Offerings section and select the DirectInvest option.
  6. Click the Create New DirectInvest Button button:
    Create New DirectInvest ButtonPaste the Offering ID copied from step 4 and click the Sync Offering button.
  7. The Sync Offering tab will display all the information that was entered when the Offering was created. The Edit button allows corrections to be made before proceeding to the next step. Click the Share tab.
  8. Copy the Share a Link text displayed here. This URL will be used as the External URL of the IgnitionDeck project.
    Example of DirectInvest share a link URL
  9. Return to the IgnitionDeck project. In the right hand column, open the Purchase URL box and enter the Share a Link URL copied from step 8:
    Purchase URL
  10. Finish creating the IgnitionDeck project. The project must include:
    • At least one reward level created and equal to the Minimum Amount value as defined in step 3.
    • Additional reward levels can be included upto the Maximum and/or Total Amount. Additional rewards are optional
    For more information on creating IgnitionDeck projects, see Projects | Creating Projects documentation.
  11. Save the project in Draft status.
  12. Create product(s) in IDC » Product Settings to match the value of the reward level(s) and/or Offering value(s). For more information on creating products, see ID Commerce | Product Settings documenation.
  13. Connect products to reward levels in IDC » Crowdfunding. For more information on connecting products to reward levels, see ID Commerce | Crowdfunding documentation.
  14. Publish the project.

Next steps: Progress on a Project

Upon confirming their level of support on the project, investors will be taken to the NorthCapital site to complete the KYC/AML requirements and submit their financial information.

Confirmation of a successful investment will appear within the Transact API dashboard.

Successful investment pledges can then be reported on the project using the IgnitionDeck » IDCF Orders » Add Order process. For more information on manually adding orders to a project, see the IgnitionDeck | IDCF Orders documentation.

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