IgnitionDeck | Project Settings

There are a couple settings that need to be set for a default purchase page that all projects will use and also a setting if you are using the IgnitionDeck Echelon version of the plugins with a non-IgnitionDeck theme.

Default Purchase Page

A default purchase page must be created regardless of which version of the plugins are being used (i.e. free, IgnitionDeck Echelon, IgnitionDeck Enterprise) in order for the payment form to be dynamically generated based on the project and reward level being supported.

  1. Navigate to Pages » Add New.
  2. Create a page that will be your purchase page and publish it.
    • NOTE: If you are not using an IgnitionDeck theme, create the page and add the shortcode [idc_checkout]. Do not add any other content to this page.
    • If you are using an IgnitionDeck theme, the shortcode is unnecessary as the plugins will populate this automatically. You can leave the page blank.
  3. Navigate to IgnitionDeck » Project Settings.
  4. Use the Default Purchase Page selector to assign your Purchase Page and click the “Update Settings” button.

Non-IgnitionDeck Themes with IgnitionDeck Echelon

If your site is using an existing theme and you do not wish to switch to an IgnitionDeck theme when you introduce the IgnitionDeck Crowdfunding plugins to your site, you will see an additional option in the IgnitionDeck » Project Settings tab to "Automatically insert project template". This must be checked in order for the IgnitionDeck project post template to be used to populate the projects on your site.

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