Projects | Duplicating Projects

💥New with IgnitionDeck Crowdfunding update v. 2.2.0

Need to create multiple projects with the same content and rewards with only an edit to the title or other small changes?

Well great news! Creating multiple project has never been easier.

You can now copy an existing project, copy a copy of a project, copy a copy of a copy of a project, and so forth!

Set up the "Original" Project

You will need to have one completely set up project. That includes:

  1. all information within the project form itself (images, start/end dates, goal amounts, project categories, descriptions, etc.) as per Creating Projects,
  2. any reward levels defined (all projects must have at least one reward level defined),
  3. (optional) crowdfunding products created in IDC » Product Settings,
  4. (optional) crowdfunding products connected to reward levels in IDC » Crowdfunding

If steps 3 and 4 are not completed on the project to be duplicated, those steps will have to be completed manually for the original and duplicated projects before publishing the projects.

Create the Duplicate Project

Once your original project has been created, return to the Project list page.

Hover over the project you want to duplicate to see the Duplicate Project hyperlink. Click on it.

A duplicated project will be produced in DRAFT status titled as Project Name (Duplicate). You can now edit that project with any changes required.

Duplicated Projects

The duplicated crowdfunding product will appear in the IDC » Product Settings menu as Product Name (Duplicated) with the same price, transaction type, and terms

Duplicated IDC Products

Under IDC » Crowdfunding, the Original Project will be connected to the Original product, and the Duplicated Project will be connected to the Duplicated product.

Original connected to Original, Duplicated connected to Duplicated

When viewing the IDC » Crowdfunding page, the Reward level title (i.e. "Original PWYW" in the screenshot above) will not have the (duplicate) text added to it.

Once less thing to edit on your draft project before publishing.

What Duplication Won't Do

  • The duplicate project function will not link duplicated projects to the original. If you want to have progress on the duplicated project to be credited to the original project, you will need to assign the duplicated project to the original as a child project. See Parent and Child Project Hierarchy
  • Any transactions made to the original project will not be copied to the duplicated projects so all duplicates will start with 0 backers, 0 funds raised.
  • Start and end dates will be duplicated so an original project that has reached its end date and has closed will create a duplicate project that is also at its end and closed. Likewise a project that is on day 15 of its 30 day limit will produce a duplicate with only 15 days remaining. In either case, you can edit the start/end dates in the duplicate project to reset these.
  • Editing the orginal project after created a duplicate will not alter the duplicate when those changes are saved to the original. Once the duplication process has been done, each project becomes a unique project (i.e. each project has its own unique project ID).

Duplication is only available on the admin side of the site.

Project Creators with Enterprise will not be able to duplicate their projects from the front end dashboard.

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