How to Activate Apple Pay

Apple Pay is an optional payment method that is available when using the Stripe Checkout module for visitors to your site using an iOS device. Please see documentation on how to enable and set up the Stripe Checkout module.

Before you begin: activation of Apple Pay will require access to the website's FTP or File Manager via the hosting provider as well as developer or owner access to the Stripe account associated with website.

Activation of Apple Pay

  1. Login to the Stripe account at
  2. Navigate to the Settings by clicking on the gear icon in the top right of the header navigation

    Settings location
  3. Click on Payment methods under the Product settings ยป Payments section (direct link:
  4. Under the Ready To Integrate heading, locate Apple Pay and click the Configure button:

    Configure Apple Pay
  5. Under Web domains, click the Add new domain button. A new popup module will appear.

    Add new domain
  6. Enter the address to your website. This should not include the http or https protocol.

    Domain address
  7. Next, download the verification file provided

    Apple Pay verification file
  8. Click the Add button to complete the set up on the Stripe account.
  9. Using FTP or the hosting provider's File Manager, create a new folder at the root directory of the website called .well-known

    Important! The . dot within the folder name is intentional and required. If that is not included, the gateway will not work.

    The complete address for the new folder should look like

    In this directory, upload the verification file that was downloaded in step 7.

  10. The Apple Pay Web domain should now display the address to the site and the checkout will provide an option to pay using ApplePay when visited using an iOS device.

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