Modules | Stripe Checkout (SCA)

Stripe Checkout is a Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) compliant payment portal hosted by Stripe. This module is an alternative to the Stripe gateway found in IDC » Gateways for crowdfunding platforms operating in regions that require 2-step verification on credit card payments.

To enable the Stripe Checkout, navigate to IgnitionDeck » Modules and click the Activate button.

IMPORTANT: If the site is currently using the default Stripe gateway located in IDC » Gateways, this must be disabled BEFORE enabling the module otherwise a conflict will result. Likewise, the Stripe Express module (IgnitionDeck » Modules) should also be deactivated as it is incompatible with the Stripe Checkout gateway.

Setting up Stripe Checkout

  1. Enable the module under IgnitionDeck » Modules
  2. Enter the Stripe Publishable and Secret keys in IDC » Stripe Checkout and save settings.

Other settings

  • The currency for the gateway is populated using the currency menu under IDC » Gateways for Stripe.
  • Test mode and HTTPS are set under IDC » Gateways
  • Webhooks for subscription/recurring payments remain the same if these were set up in the Stripe account before changing to Stripe Checkout.

Important notes about Stripe Checkout module

  • The Stripe Checkout module does support immediate capture, 100% threshold, and subscription/recurring payments.
  • The Stripe Checkout module does support creator account connection and fee splitting through Stripe Connect. Once the payment gateway has been enabled for creators, follow the instructions for enabling Stripe Connect.
  • If there are pending pre-authorization charges / all-or-nothing projects underway, those transactions must be captured before changing the gateway to Stripe Checkout otherwise the transactions will fail. Pre-authorization tokens are specific to the gateway that issued them and are not transferable between the regular Stripe gateway and Stripe Checkout, and vice versa.

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