Choosing Payment Gateways

IgnitionDeck Commerce (IDC) integrates with several different payment gateways in order to accommodate a wide variety of Crowdfunding and E-commerce scenarios. Refer to the table below to determine which gateways are best for you. Be sure to keep in mind that not all gateways work in all parts of the world and not all gateways support every possible currency.

NOTE: IDC will use only one gateway for credit card processing at a time but this does not mean that you can’t use more than one gateway in general. For instance, you can use Stripe for credit cards and still allow offline payments, PayPal, and/or IDC’s credits system for payments.

 IgnitionDeck Commerce Gateway Capabilities, Countries, and Currencies

Payment Gateway Crowdfunding
Fee 1
Pre-order Payments Recurring Payments Instant Checkout Countries Currencies
PayPal Standard No No Yes 2 No link link
Stripe 3 Yes Yes Yes 4 Yes link link No Yes Yes Yes link link
FirstData No Yes No Yes link link
Square 5 No No No Yes link link
PayTM 5 No No No Yes India INR
CoinPayments 5 Yes No No No link link

1 IgnitionDeck Enterprise only

2 Recurring Payments with PayPal cannot be limited to a pre-defined number of payments.

3 Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) support using the Stripe Checkout module

4 Pay-What-You-Want with Recurring Payments turned on is not possible with Stripe. If a customer changes their payment amount, Stripe will no longer be available as a payment gateway, so you will want to have at least one additional payment gateway activated. This is due to the fact that Stripe handles recurring payments based on a unique “Stripe Plan Name,” which has a set price assigned to it.

5 Module activation through IgnitionDeck » Modules required

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