Stripe allows IgnitionDeck owners to process credit cards on their site. To read more about the capabilities of the different payment gateway options in IgnitionDeck Commerce (IDC), please see our documentation page called Choosing Payment Gateways.

You may not see this option if a) you have not validated your license key in the IgnitionDeck » Settings menu or b) another credit card payment gateway is enabled.

NOTE: A Stripe account is required to use this payment gateway. Sign up for an account here:

IMPORTANT: If you require Secure Customer Authentication, are located in Europe, or wish to provide additional payment options via Stripe, please enable the Stripe Checkout through the IgnitionDeck » Modules instead of the Stripe integration in IDC » Gateways.

For more information on the Stripe Checkout, please see the Modules | Stripe Checkout documentation.

Setting up Stripe

To accept payments with your Stripe account:

  1. Log into your Stripe account.
  2. In your Stripe account, click API in the left side to view your accounts API keys.

  3. Copy and paste your keys into the correct fields in your IDC » Gateways.

    Check Enable Stripe and save your payment gateway settings.

  4. If you are going to be using the Subscription / Recurring funding type you will need to set up a webhook in Stripe.  This is ONLY required for subscription / recurring payments. In your Stripe account, go to the Developer » Webhooks tab and click on + Add Endpoint. Select the Account option. You can set up both the test and live webhooks during the setup process and the correct webhook will be used.
    1. For testing purposes, select TEST in the Mode dropdown menu and set your webhook:

    1. For live operation, select LIVE in the Mode dropdown menu and set your webhook (note the HTTPS protocol).

    1. Once you have created your webhook endpoint(s), click Done. You can now exit your Stripe Account.
  1. Save your payment gateway settings.

With IgnitionDeck Enterprise and Stripe, you have the option of enabling the payment gateway for creators using Stripe Connect. Enable this option and save the settings. Proceed to IDC » Stripe Connect to complete the payment gateway for creators.

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