Choose A Commerce Platform

Once you have the IgnitionDeck Framework and its dependencies (IgnitionDeck Crowdfunding and IgnitionDeck Commerce) activated, choosing the appropriate commerce platform is the next step. If you are not sure what commerce platform is best for you, please read the section below titled:  Choosing a Commerce Platform for IgnitionDeck.

Setting a Commerce Platform

  1. Navigate to the IgnitionDeck » Dashboard » Upgrade panel
  2. A selection option for the commerce platform of the site will be displayed:

    • The Free Edition of the plugin will automatically use ID Commerce and will not display a selection
    • The IgnitionDeck Echelon version of the plugin can be used with ID Commerce or WooCommerce*
    • The IgnitionDeck Enterprise version of the plugin should be used with ID Commerc

* WooCommerce plugin must be installed and activated for it to be available as a commerce platform option

Choosing a Commerce Platform for IgnitionDeck

The following is a list of the commerce platforms you can use with the IgnitionDeck Framework and some information to help you decide which choice is best for you.

NOTE: Not every commerce platform is available to to every IgnitionDeck customer. The commerce platform(s) available to different versions of IgnitionDeck are as follows:

Plugin version Commerce Platform
IgnitionDeck free IgnitionDeck Commerce
IgnitionDeck Enterprise IgnitionDeck Commerce 
IgnitionDeck Echelon
IgnitionDeck Commerce or WooCommerce

With IDC and the  free version of IgnitionDeck, project contributors have accounts created for them when they support a project for the first time. This allows project contributors to log into their Member Dashboard and view their contributions. For site owners, PayPal Standard is available as the payment gateway.

With IgnitionDeck Enterprise and IgnitionDeck Echelon, the IgnitionDeck Commerce platform provides the project contributor with a user account where they can easily manage or renew their contributions and access their contributor rewards, such as downloads, restricted content, etc.  IgnitionDeck Commerce seamlessly integrates with popular payment gateways such as PayPal and/or credit card processors (i.e. Stripe,, or First Data). Projects can take pre-orders, immediate payments, or a funding threshold can be set.  IgnitionDeck Commerce also integrates with SendGrid, Mandrill and MailChimp for reliable and professional communication with project contributors.


If a site owner is setting up a crowdfunding site for their own projects, but already has e-commerce functionality built on WooCommerce and they wish to make their contributor rewards work using their existing WooCommerce store, this setting is available. Contributions that earn rewards will result in WooCommerce purchases.

NOTE: This option is only available for use with IgnitionDeck Echelon when WooCommerce is installed and activated. WooCommerce is not intended for IgnitionDeck Enterprise, since the Member Dashboard and front-end submissions must be handled by IgnitionDeck Commerce.

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