Payment Gateway Testing

It is strongly suggested that a payment gateway is tested before the site is launched to avoid any potential hiccups that would create a negative experience for your users. The IDC » Gateways has a Test Mode that can be enabled to use sandbox environments with most payment gateways to conduct tests without the need of real money and thereby avoiding any charges or refunds with live gateways.

NOTE: Because testing some gateways requires setting up a test or “sandbox’ account, and because this process can be complicated (depending on the gateway), sometimes it is faster and easier to simply create test products or crowdfunding levels that only cost a small amount of money, and test using actual transactions, if doing so is the only viable option for your purposes.

PayPal (Standard)

When using PayPal as a gateway, the typical method for testing is to set up two “Sandbox” accounts, one for the buyer and one for the seller. Insert these seller test credentials (instead of your real ones) in the IDC » Gateways » PayPal menu while your platform is in test mode then make a test payment using the buyer credentials.

PayPal’s documentation page for creating Sandbox testing accounts


Stripe provides each of its users with a test Stripe Publishable Key and a test Stripe Secret Key. Enter these in their respective fields in IDC > Gateways > Stripe. Then enable test mode at the top of your Gateways screen, and IDC will use the test credentials instead of the live ones. In addition, Stripe provides a number of test test credit card numbers that can be used for testing purposes.

When using Authorize.Net as a gateway, the typical method for testing is to set up a “Sandbox” account. This test account is used to create a test API Login ID and test Transaction Key. Then you use these test credentials (instead of your real ones) in IDC » Gateways » Authorize.Net.

Create your Authorize.Net test credentials via and use the provided test credit card numbers.


When using FirstData as a gateway, if you would like to set up up a test account, we recommend that you contact your FirstData account representative for help with this.


Square also supports sandbox testing and uses the same "Enable Test Mode" in the main IDC » Gateways settings. 

Create your sandbox credentials via the Developer Portal: Square also provides a number of test credit card numbers for testing purposes.


PayTM supports test payments through a staging environment and uses the "Enable Test Mode" in tge main IDC » Gateways settings. See

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