Stripe Connect

Stripe Connect allows you, as a crowdfunding portal or e-commerce website owner, tocharge a fee on top of transactions made on your site. Stripe Connect enables fees on a flat or percentage basis, and is available as part of the IgnitionDeck Enterprise package.

Users can authenticate (via oAuth) for your application by visiting their payment settings page, viewable once they have submitted a project or product for review, provided it has been enabled in the gateway settings menu.

Once you’ve set up your payment gateway(s), you will probably want to perform some test transactions to make sure everything is working properly. For some tips on testing your payments gateway(s), see our documentation page called Payment Gateway Testing.

How to Enable Stripe Connect

Stripe Connect is included as part of IgnitionDeck Enterprise. To enable, simply visit IDC » Gateways and enable Stripe and Stripe Connect (see documentation on setting up your Stripe payment gateway)

Create Your Stripe Connect Application

  1. Visit your dashboard and toggle the test data to Viewing test data (this is the default setting on new Stripe accounts).
  2. Click on Settings in the left side menu, and then Connect Settings under Stripe apps.

  3. Copy the Test mode client ID and paste it into IDC » Stripe Connect » Development Client ID field

  4. Set the Redirect URI as[your-dashboard-link]/?payment_settings=1&ipn_handler=sc_return
  1. where [your-dashboard-link] is replaced with the appropriate dashboard slug. This is usually /dashboard/ if you are using the default page. Substitute http if using on localhost or non-SSL development environment.
  2. Click on the Developer » Webhooks link in the left menu, and then click + Add Endpoint for all events
  1. If the subscription funding types (recurring products) are being offered, click on the + Add endpoint button again to create another endpoint for Connect. This webhook is optional for Immediate and 100% threshold types, but required if project creators are permitted to use the Subscription / Recurring funding type. Add the webhook:
  1. Repeat the process for the Live mode (steps 3-6), but use HTTPS instead of HTTP (SSL is required)

How to Charge Fees with Stripe Connect

Enter your desired Fee type (percentage or flat dollar amount) and Fee amount in the Application Settings as depicted above, and save. 

Ensure that new project creators visit their Creator Account tab and authorize your application via Stripe Connect. When successful, they will see a checkmark icon in their Stripe Connect button with a message that says ‘Connected.’

Going forward, all purchases made on your site, provided the creator has authorized via Stripe Connect, will be charged the fee dictated in your Stripe Connect settings. This fee is automatically deducted from the funds that are sent to the merchant’s account post-purchase and applied to your Stripe Balance.

To determine if a Project Creator has successful connected their Stripe account, go to your account, scroll down to Connect » Accounts.  The Project Creator’s Stripe account name will appear in this list with their account status if they have successfully completed their connection:

This can also be seen in the IDC » Stripe Connect » User Management panel where the email address used to create an account on your site will be displayed.

Going Live

When you are ready to go live and have taken your payment gateways out of Test Mode, be sure to go to IDC » Stripe Connect and uncheck the Development Mode checkbox, otherwise your project creators will not be able to connect their live payment accounts to your testing environment:

Stripe Connect and Subscription Funding

If your project creator is going to use the Subscription funding option on their campaign, they must set up the webhook in their Stripe account in order for the Subscription plan to be created properly within their account. Failure to do so will result in the subscription plan being created in the site owner’s Stripe account and all funds sent to the site owner instead of the project owner.

Click on the  + Add endpoint button again to create another endpoint for Connect. Add the webhook:

Common Errors

No such customer or similar objects exist in live mode. But test mode key was used to make this request

This error happens when a project creator’s Stripe account has been connected during the Test mode of the payment gateway but then a payment is attempted when the gateway has been switched into Live mode.  To fix this error the project creator’s Stripe credentials must be revoked from the site so that they can reconnect in the Live mode.

  • Revoke credentials in IDC > Stripe Connect > User Management.
  • Select the user in the drop down menu and click “Revoke Credentials”.
  • The project creator can now reconnect their Stripe account in the Live mode

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