How to Charge Crowdfunding Fees

IgnitionDeck Enterprise, via IgnitionDeck Commerce, enables platform owners to charge crowdfunding fees for the submission of crowdfunding projects through their crowdfunding platform.

Note: Before you can configure a specific gateway’s payment sharing, make sure it is enabled on the IgnitionDeck Commerce Gateway screen.

Configuring Stripe Connect

Stripe automatically processes all payments as they are received.

Inside of your Stripe account settings, you’ll be able to create a Stripe app for your users to connect to. Set your return URLs in Stripe to:[your-dashboard-link]/?payment_settings=1&ipn_handler=sc_return
replacing yourdomain and [your-dashboard-link] with your site-specific information.

You can then insert your Production and Development client IDs by navigating to the Stripe Connect screen under ID Commerce:

With your Client IDs in place, you can then specify a fee type and the fee amount.

Once this is all configured, users will automatically see a button in their dashboard for connecting to your stripe account. Users who have connected and linked their account to your site will be shown under the user management drop down. The site administrator may also revoke/clear those credentials.

Important: When testing the payment gateway, the Stripe Connect setting should also have the Enable Development Mode checked so all protocols between the site, the site owner’s Stripe account, and project creator’s Stripe account match.  If the test project creator will eventually be a live creator, their credentials must be revoked from the testing environment at the end of testing so that they can reconnect in the live environment otherwise an error will result.

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