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The Fee Mods Module is designed specifically for owners of IgnitionDeck Enterprise customers using the Stripe Connect payment gateway. This module enables per-project fee customizations, donations on checkout, and the ability to cover creator fees during checkout.

Customizing Project Fees

Once the Fee Mods module is enabled, you can activate this feature from the Stripe Connect menu – Click the Enable Per Project Fees option and hit save.

To set fees on a per-project basis, navigate to the Projects screen and go to the project you wish to set up with its unique fee.  Scroll down to Platform Settings and enter the fee (in cents or % value). If you’ve set the Fee Type on Stripe Connect settings to percentage then you will enter your percentage.  If you’ve set a flat fee, then you’ll be entering it as cents (e.g. $3.00 = 300).

If a fee is not set on a project individually, the system will use the default fee saved in the Stripe Connect settings menu in the IgnitionDeck Commerce admin area.

Donations on Checkout

This feature makes it possible to collect platform donations on checkout. All donations go straight to the admin’s Stripe Connect account. You can use the label and checkout text to add a custom description if you choose. Leave empty to omit.

Fees will be collected based on the dollar value entered on the checkout form, regardless of whether you have percentage fees enabled.

Cover Fees on Checkout

This option allows backers to cover the creator’s platform fee during checkout. Use the custom label and text to offer additional descriptions or instructions.

When active, this option will create a checkbox on the checkout form that when checked, will automatically increase a backer’s pledge to cover the base fee. Note that this will increase the fee by a marginal amount, and that this increase will not be covered. For example, a 10% fee on a $10 transaction would increase the purchase price to $11. A fee of $1.10 would be charged.

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