CoinPayments allows IgnitionDeck owners to process crypto payments on their site. To read more about the capabilities of the different payment gateway options in IgnitionDeck Commerce (IDC), please see our documentation page called Choosing Payment Gateways.

You may not see this option if you have not validated your license key in the IgnitionDeck » Settings menu.

Table of contents

Setting up the payment gateway

  1. Login to your WP Admin and navigate to IgnitionDeck » Modules.
  2. Locate the CoinPayments Module and click on Activate button:
  3. Once module is activated, refresh the page and navigate to IDC » CoinPayments
  4. To activate the CoinPayment gateway, you will need API keys for your CoinPayments merchant account:
    1. Public API Key,
    2. Private API Key,
    3. Merchant ID, and 
    4. an IPN Secret

    In order to generate these, signup for a merchant account on

  5. Navigate to and fill out the form for your organization.

    • Note: If you are setting up the gateway to use for your own projects only, you should still opt of the business account in order to have the merchant tools, even if you do not have a registered business number.

  6. Once you have completed your account sign up, navigate to Account » API Keys

  7. Click on the "Generate new key" button.

  8. You can see your CoinPayments Public and Private key: Copy and paste these two keys into the Public Key and Private Key fields located in IDC » CoinPayments:

  9. Click on Edit Permissions button.

    1. Optional step. You can give these keys a name (in case you have two website with same CoinPayments Account), restrict to IP range, as well as you can set withdrawal limits.
    2. Check all Allow Access checkboxes:

    Then click on Update Permissions button.

  10. Now Navigate to Account » Account Settings: Under the Basic Settings tab, you will find your Merchant ID:Copy and paste that key into your IDC > CoinPayments settings under the Merchant ID field:

  11. Optional, but recommended. Enable IPN (Instant Payment Notifications) under the Merchant Settings tab. In the IPN Secret input box, enter any random string. You can use a tool such as to generate the string for you. Select what events you wish to be notified about, such as when a payment has been sent to your account:

    Copy and paste that string into the final API Key field in the IDC » CoinPayments settings:

  12. Now it's time to choose which coins to accept. Navigate to Account » Coin Acceptance Settings. Check on all the coins you want to accept payment. 

    • Note: some Coins may require KYC verification of your account.

    • Optional, but recommended. If you want to test your integration before going live, also select the LTCT (Litecoin Testnet) option (very bottom of the list).
  13. Return to your IDC » CoinPayments settings, check the box to enable the gateway:
  14. Click on the Save & Verify button to finish connecting the payment gateway to your CoinPayments merchant account.If all of the API keys have been entered correctly, your CoinPayments username and email address will appear under the Merchant Details verifying that your gateway is live:
  15. Finally, in the Coin Acceptance Settings, select the same Coins you defined in your CoinPayments account (step 12):
    • Optional, but recommended. If you want to test your integration before going live, also select the LTCT (Litecoin Testnet) option (very bottom of the list).

    Click on Update to save your selected Coins.

Enabling CoinPayments for Creators

For IgnitionDeck Enterprise only

Enabling the gateway for creators to receive funds directly is very simple. With the payment gateway set up: 

  1. Click the optional box "Enable for Creators":
  2. Click the Save & Verify button once more.
  3. For the creator, a new section will appear under the Creator Account dashboard:
  4. They will need to open an account on Again a merchant account is recommended but not required as the Merchant ID (as per step 10 of the payment gateway settings) will still be available with Personal accounts.

    Copy and paste the Merchant ID into the field and click the Update button. If the credentials are correct and the account connected to the site, the form will update with a success message:

Enabling Crowdfunding Fees for CoinPayments

For IgnitionDeck Enterprise only

In order to charge a crowdfunding fee on any transactions made through the site, the CoinPayments gateway must be enabling for creators to receive funds directly (step 1 of Enabling CoinPayments for Creator) and the creator has linked their own CoinPayments account in their Creator Account section (step 4). When a payment is made on the creator's project, a percentage of those funds will be paid into your own CoinPayments account with the remainder send to the creator's account.

  1. To enable a crowdfunding fee, enter a percentage in the field (do not include the % sign). 
  2. Click the Save & Verify button once more.

Payment Gateway Testing

  1. After successfully verifying your merchant details in /wp-admin/, enable the LTCT coin for testing 
  2. Proceed with any project and on checkout page, select Crypto as your payment option, select the desired currency from the drop-down (in testing case it is LTCT). It will show you conversion from your site currency to selected crypto currency. 
  3. Click on Pay With Crypto button. A new tab will be opened, it contains a QR code along with the wallet address.
  4. Now login on with different account and navigate to Your Wallet, and find LTCT (Litecoin Testnet) from the coin list and click on Get LTCT button:You will receive 10 LTCT coins for testing.
  5. Now again go to your Wallet and Search for LTCT, this time click on LTCT Options dropdown, then click on Send/Withdraw:
  6. In Next Screen, enter the amount to be send and the Wallet Address in Send To field. Click on Request Withdrawal/Send.
  7. This may take a few minutes to reflect in your site, User can check the status by clicking on Status URL in order details:


In case you have not selected any currency from the list, you will see the Coin Selection Dropdown as Currencies not available.

CoinPayments Checkout

Once CoinPayments Setup is complete, supporters can easily pay using Crypto Currencies from the frontend.

  1. On Project page, click on Support Now button then Choose your contribution level and total amount to contribute for that level then click on next step.
  2. Select desired crypto currency from the drop-down, it will show conversion from base currency to selected crypto currency that you have to pay.
  3. Now click on Pay With Crypto button, a new tab will be opened showing a QR code and address to send amount along with the payable amount.The CoinPayments details will be saved with the order and can be seen in the order details:
  4. Once the payment has been completed it will be marked as completed and received amount field will be updated with amount paid.

Note: As per CoinPayments guideline, user will have 1 hour to pay else this will be marked as failed.

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