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IgnitionDeck Commerce (IDC) makes it easy for you to get paid by supporting several different payment gateways out of the box: Paypal (Standard), Stripe, Authorize.Net, FirstData, and several other credit card processors using optional modules. If you’re not sure what gateway(s) to choose, please see our documentation page called Choosing Payment Gateways.

The Gateways screen

You’ll find two important general options at the top of this screen:

  • Enable Test Mode
  • Enable HTTPS

Checking “Enable Test Mode” instructs IDC to use the test keys/emails provided instead of the regular/live keys/emails. This lets you verify that your web site is communicating properly with your payment gateway and that everything is configured correctly, but test mode is not available for all gateways.

The “Enable HTTPS” option can be checked after you have an SSL certificate installed on your web server. This causes IDC to establish a secure connection for all financial transactions. Every live site intent on taking payment information from customers should have this enabled.

In addition, each payment gateway has several settings specific to that gateway:


Paypal and Stripe support setting the currency you wish to accept from within IDC’s Gateways screen.

URLs, keys, and email addresses

Each payment gateway has a slightly different approach, but the result is the same: a set of credentials (API Keys) allows your IDC website to communicate with the payment gateway. Some gateways also have a second set of credentials that can be used for testing purposes.

The specific key or link information for your gateway can generally be found under settings within your account on the payment gateway’s website.

Checkboxes for enabling the gateway and IgnitionDeck Enterprise integration

The first checkbox enables or disables the selected gateway. Note that only one credit card gateway can be active at one time; you must first disable the active gateway if you wish to switch to another.

The second checkbox enables automatic payment to 3rd parties. This is used in tandem with IgnitionDeck Enterprise to distribute funds to project owners.

When charges are made on behalf of a user-submitted project, appropriate funds will automatically be sent to any attached user accounts. You can read more about this in our article on charging crowdfunding fees.

How to process pre-orders when you’re ready to deliver

To learn how to set up pre-orders in IgnitionDeck Commerce, see our documentation on handling pre-orders.

  1. Navigate to the Gateways screen under ID Commerce
  2. At the bottom is the Process Pre-Authorizations section. Select the product you’re ready to release and click “Process Authorizations”.

  3. For IgnitionDeck Enterprise platform, there is also the option to process all project pre-authorizations. This will process all pre-order products for the entire project

  4. Customers will now be charged and given access to any posts, pages or downloads associated with that product level.

Important note: Once a pre-authorization has been processed and successfully captured, it cannot be captured again. This allows for projects to remain open after a project goal has been met and still continue to capture funds without charging the initial supporters again. 

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