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Stripe Express is a module that directly creators to sign up for Stripe Connect using the Express method provided by Stripe. It is not suitable for corporations, registered charities, traditional crowdfunding for small businesses, startups, or entrepreneurial enterprises. Stripe Express should only be used for donation based-funding for individuals, with a caveat. Money raised through crowdfunding is considered taxable income in most countries/regions; therefore, it is highly suggested that the standard Stripe Connect application is used regardless of the purpose of the crowdfunding project as Stripe's additional features such as taxation forms are available to your creators through the standard Connect API. 

How to Enable Stripe Express

  1. To use Stripe Express, enable the module through IgnitionDeck » Modules.
  2. Set up your Stripe Gateway as normal.
  3. Set up your Stripe Connect as normal with one exception: disable the OAuth for Standard accounts in Settings » Connect Settings » Integration

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