IgnitionDeck Commerce Release Notes

Release notes specific to the IgnitionDeck Commerce plugin


  • (New) Troubleshooting function to sync IDC orders with IDCF orders when the front end project progress does not match funds received
  • File addition: templates/admin/troubleshooting.php
  • Files changed: idcommerce.php, idcommerce-admin.php


  • Update _orderLightbox.php to remove redundant messaging
  • Files changed: idcommerce.php, templates/_orderLightbox.php


  • (Fix) PHP 8 error when Fee Mods was activated with Stripe Checkout and/or CoinPayments
  • (Fix) Incorrect price entered into IDCF Orders from Stripe Checkout if modified from the original value (i.e. PWYW scenario)
  • (Fix) PHP 8 compatibility warnings and graceful fallback for avatar priority
  • (New) Introduced new hooks for social sharing on projects after backing a project ignitiondeck_share_backer_receipt_modal
  • Files changed: idcommerce.php, idcommerce-filters.php, templates/_orderLightbox.php, classes/modules/fee_mods/class-fee_mods.php, classes/modules/stripecheckout/class-stripecheckout.php, and classes/modules/coinpayments/templates/admin/_adminMenu.php,


  • (Deletion) Removed SendGrid and Mandrill integrations. There are better specialized plugins to do this task. Added admin notification email and banner notices if old integration was in use.
  • (Fix) Replace the checkout shortcode echo statement with a return statement for themes built with blocks
  • Files changed: idcommerce.php, idcommerce-functions.php, idcommerce-admin.php, idcommerce-shortcodes.php, idcommerce-update.php, js/idcommerce-admin.js, and classes/class-id-member-email.php
  • File deletion: everything within lib/mandrill-php-master/ and lib/sendgrid-php/


  • (New) Enable the offline payment gateway for free users and plugin evaluation. PayPal sandboxing is a lot of effort just to see if the plugin is going to work for your needs! Offline requires no HTTPS nor configuration—easy peasy!
  • (Fix) Update Mailchimp API to version 3 to restore automatic backer addition and updates to mailing list
  • Files changed: idcommerce.php, idcommerce-admin.php, idcommerce-filters.php, idcommerce-functions.php, templates/_checkoutForm.php, templates/admin/_gatewaySettings.php, and lib/mailchimp-api-master/MailChimp.class.php


  • (Fix) Update AWS S3 SDK to resolve PHP 8 errors
  • (Fix) AWS S3 connection and file download bugs fixed
  • (New) Added S3 region field to S3 settings form and "Test S3 Settings" button in order to test the connection
  • (Fix) Fixed typos within the error message for login screen
  • Files changed: idcommerce.php, templates/_protectedPage.php, languages_default/memberdeck.po, and the entire lib/AWS/ content (3K+ files)


  • (New) Automatically create IDC products and associations to support the new Sample Project functionality introduced in IDF 1.9.0
  • (Fix) Styling of error messages on checkout to make them legible
  • (Update) Old support forum links corrected to email support
  • Files changed: idcommerce.php, idcommerce-shortcodes.php, idcommerce-filters.php, css/style-min.css


  • (Fix) Google eCommerce script breaking content load on projects, posts, and pages with non-500 themes
  • Files changed: idcommerce.php, and classes/modules/google_ecommerce/google_ecommerce_hooks.php


  • (Improvement) Added a redirection on incorrect login attempt to remain on referrer page /dashboard/ instead of WP login error
  • (Fix) Conditional check of license presence/status for correct module display and activation
  • Files changed: idcommerce.php, idcommerce-functions.php, classes/modules/coinpayments/class-coinpayments.php, classes/modules/google_ecommerce/class-google_ecommerce.php, and



  • (Improvement) Update defunct [project_purchase_form] on error to provide information on why error is happening and how to fix it
  • (Update) Google eCommerce module update to G4 ahead of Google's deprecation of the G3 scripts on July 1st 2023
  • (New) Added condition for global currency BTC
  • (New) Added BTC condition in all the price manipulation
  • (New) Added BTC price filter and support for 8 decimal places
  • Tested successfully with WP v. 6.2.2
  • Changed files: idcommerce.php, idcommerce-shortcodes.php, idcommerce-filters.php, classes/modules/google_ecommerce/google_ecommerce_hooks.php, classes/modules/google_ecommerce/templates/admin/_googleEcommerceMenu.php, classes/modules/google_ecommerce/class-google_ecommerce.php, templates/_errorMsg.php, templates/admin/_settingsMenu.php, js/idcommerce.js, js/idcommerce-min.js, classes/modules/stripecheckout/templates/_checkoutStripeCheckoutDescriptionPreAuth.php, classes/modules/coinpayments/templates/_checkoutCoinPaymentsDescription.php, and classes/modules/stripecheckout/templates/_checkoutStripeCheckoutDescription.php


  • (Improvement) Add Fee Mods compatibility to CoinPayments and Stripe Checkout modules
  • (Improvement) Add "Cover fee" compatibility to CoinPayments and Stripe Checkout modules
  • (Fix) PHP 8 deprecation warnings
  • (Fix) Fixed PHP notice in supporter's tab
  • Changed files: idcommerce.php, idcommerce-functions.php, idcommerce-shortcodes.php, templates/_checkoutForm.php, classes/modules/stripecheckout/js/id_stripe.js, classes/modules/stripecheckout/js/id_stripe-min.js, classes/modules/stripecheckout/class-stripecheckout.php, classes/modules/coinpayments/class-coinpayments.php, classes/modules/coinpayments/templates/admin/_adminMenu.php, classes/modules/coinpayments/templates/_checkoutCoinPaymentsDescription.php, classes/modules/coinpayments/assets/js/coinpayments.js, classes/modules/fee_mods/class-fee_mods.php, classes/modules/fee_mods/js/fee_mods.js, classes/modules/fee_mods/js/fee_mods-min.js


  • (Fix) Fatal error wp_get_current_user() when activated with Oxygen Builder
  • Changed files: idcommerce.php, idcommerce-filters.php


  • (Fix) Duplicate payment issue with legacy Stripe integration and new Stripe API library version
  • (Fix) Blank email, fname, lname issue in WP Engine hosting environment
  • Changed files: idcommerce.php, idcommerce-shortcodes.php, js/lightbox-min.js, js/idcommerce-min.js


  • (Fix) Paypal IPN duplicate order issue with custom project grid
  • (Fix) Issue in fee mods related to custom project grid
  • (Fix) Undefined error in IDC products and broken Update button on existing products
  • Changed files: idcommerce.php, idcommerce-admin.php, js/idcommerce.js, js/lightbox-min.js, classes/modules/fee_mods/js/fee_mods.js, and classes/modules/fee_mods/js/fee_mods-min.js


  • (Update) Updated checkout session parameters for new version of Stripe API
  • Tested successfully with WP 6.1.0
  • Changed files: idcommerce.php, and classes/modules/stripecheckout/class-stripecheckout.php


  • (Fix) Add credit card images into plugin itself instead of hosted external (and broken as a result!)
  • (Update) Version bump
  • Added file: images/creditcards-full2.png
  • Changed files: idcommerce.php, templates/_checkoutForm.php


  • (Fix) Yoast SEO plugin conflict
  • (Fix) Payment gateway buttons missing on some non-ID theme checkout pages
  • (Improvement) Anonymous Donations & Comments module compatiblity for Stripe Checkout payment gateway
  • Changed files: idcommerce.php, idcommerce-functions.php, js/idcommerce.js, js/idcommerce-min.js, classes/modules/stripecheckout/js/id_stripe.js, classes/modules/stripecheckout/js/id_stripe-min.js, classes/modules/stripecheckout/templates/_checkoutStripeCheckoutDescription.php, and classes/modules/stripecheckout/templates/_checkoutStripeCheckoutDescriptionPreAuth.php


  • (Improvement) Disabling the core IgnitionDeck plugin prior to disabling the dependencies (IgnitionDeck Crowdfunding and IgnitionDeck Commerce) created a fatal error that was annoying to work around. Now, if the core plugin is disabled first, a warning message will be displayed to tell the site admin what is going on and the dependency plugins will be deactivated automatically avoiding the fatal error.
  • (Fix) Issue where the PayPay checkout form wouldn't load in certain scenarios
  • (Fix) PHP error on CoinPayments module
  • (Fix) Array to string conversion PHP 8 compatibility
  • (Fix) wp localize script to wp inline script PHP compatibility
  • Tested successfully with WP 6.0
  • Changed files: idcommerce.php, idcommerce-update.php, idcommerce-functions.php, idcommerce-admin.php, js/idcommerce.js, js/idcommerce.min.js, classes/modules/coinpayments/class-coinpayments.php. and classes/modules/coinpayments/module_info.json


  • (Fix) Quotes escaped correctly in emails
  • (Fix) PHP 8 compatibility Array to String conversion error
  • (New) Brand new crypto currency integrationCoinPayments module (we're so excited about this one 🎉)
  • New files: everything in classes/modules/coinpayments/
  • Changed files: idcommerce.php, idcommerce-admin.php, 


  • (Fix) Resolve issue with how headers are passed by WP that created a checkout loop with non-ID themes
  • (Fix) Project level was not being correctly added in PayPal orders
  • (Update) PHP 8 compatibility clean up
  • Changed files: idcommerce.php, idcommerce-admin.php, idcommerce-shortcodes.php, s/idcommerce.js, js/idcommerce-min.js


  • (New) Add support for Ugandan Shilling in Stripe 
  • Changed files: idcommerce.php, inc/stripe_currencies.json


  • (Fix) AffiliateWP module referrals are logging now with AffiliateWP update
  • (Fix) Remove conflict with Gravity Forms due to $_GET and $_POST merge
  • Changed files: idcommerce.php, classes/modules/affiliate_wp/class-affiliate_wp_extend.php


  • Remove old force update function
  • Tested for WP 5.9
  • Changed files: idcommerce.php


  • (Fix) Accented letters within the supporter's first/last names in their PayPal profile (i.e. Àtés Tüser) resulted in the supporter not receiving credit within the project's backer's list even though their pledge was recorded and monies captured.
  • Changed files: idcommerce.php, js/idcommerce.js, and js/idcommerce-min.js


  • (Fix) Blank first and last name requirements on Stripe Checkout module
  • (Fix) Pre-authorization processing error with Stripe Checkout module
  • Changed files: idcommerce.php, classes/modules/stripecheckout/class-stripecheckout.php


  • (Fix) Remove call to request capabilities from Stripe Checkout module
  • (Fix) Fixes Yoast compatibility issue breaking checkout confirmation notices
  • Changed files: idcommerce-filters.php, templates/_checkoutForm.php, classes/modules/paytm/class-paytm.php, classes/modules/secupay/id_secupay-hooks.php, and classes/modules/stripecheckout/class-stripecheckout.php


  • (Fix) Fixed admin-side product assignment bug
  • Changed files: idcommerce.php, idcommerce-functions.php


  • (New) Added Stripe Connect compatibility to the Stripe Checkout module
  • (Update) Addition of INR to Stripe gateway currencies
  • Changed files: idcommerce.php; /inc/stripe_currencies.json; /classes/modules/stripecheckout/class-stripecheckout.php, /js/id_stripe-min.js, /js/id_stripe.js, /js/id_stripe_connect.js, /templates/_scSignup.php, and /templates/admin/_adminMenu.php


  • (Fix) Module compatibility updates for WP 5.5+ jQuery handling which included resolving deprecation warnings as well as Enable jQuery Migrate plugin dependency
  • Changed files: idcommerce.php, classes/modules/fee_mods/js/fee_mods.js, classes/modules/fee_mods/js/fee_mods-min.js, js/idcommerce.js, js/idcommerce-min.js, js/lightbox.js, js/lightbox-min.js


  • (New) Stripe Checkout module introduced to support Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) for EU customer
  • Changed files: idcommerce-filters.php, classes/class-id-member-order.php,
  • New files: too many to count all located in /classes/modules/stripecheckout


  • (Fix) Broken FirstData checkout process
  • (Fix) FD card holder name updation
  • (Fix) FD pre-order capture
  • Changed files: idcommerce.php, idcommerce-functions.php, /js/idcommerce-admin-min.js, /js/idcommere-admin.js, templates/_checkoutForm.php


  • (Fix) Order information reporting bug with non-project related products
  • (Fix) PHP string error on back end project form
  • Changed files: idcommerce.php, idcommerce-filters.php, /templates/_orderList.php


  • (Fix) Additional form conflicts introduced with Yoast SEO plugin updates 14+
  • (Update) Update table structure for user_ID integer length to support WordPress.com
  • (Update) Updated JS to fix JS migrate lib issue
  • (Fix) Update support of WP 5.5+ jQuery migration (checkbox on/off attributes fixes applied to core plugin functionality—module support to follow)
  • Changed files: idcommerce.php, js/cf-min.js, js/cf.js, js/idcommerce-admin-levels-min.js, js/idcommerce-admin-levels.js, js/idcommerce-admin.js, js/idcommerce-min.js, and js/idcommerce.js


  • (Fix) Various form conflicts introduced with Yoast SEO plugin update 14+ to project form, dashboard navigation, shipping fields on dashboard Accounts tab, checkout form, and modules altering the checkout form


  • (Fix) Regression issue where users could not update the PWYW value when contributing to a project.
  • (Fix) The cover fees option breaks the Stripe checkout.
  • (Update) Update language files.


  • (Fix) Regression issue where WooCommerce checkout fields were not properly functioning when a user set IDCommerce (IDC) as the IgnitionDeck commerce platform WHILE also using WooCommerce as a standalone commerce system (separate from IDC).
  • (Update) Update language files


  • (Fix) Resolve issue with checkout credit card fields not being active when WooCommerce is the chosen e-commerce platform.
  • (Fix) Removing Coinbase integration and setting default values for now. The integration has been removed. We are going to properly fix this and has been added to our product roadmap.
  • (Update) Update language files


  • (Fix) Resolve issue introduced with WP 5.2 release where users received an error 500 (too many redirects).


  • (Update) Update Author Name and Author URI
  • (Update) Update language files


  • (Fix) Allow id_price_format to work on its own without injecting/replacing with mdid_price_format, which was buggy and has been deprecated. This fixes issue with empty level prices on the deck.


  • (Fix) New users that pay via PayPal once again receive membership registration email, and purchase is properly attributed to their account
  • (Fix) Credit based purchases no properly display decimal points and thousands separator
  • (Fix) Use currency symbol position filter to set left/right currency code position
  • (Fix) When credits are set as global currency, we set the label to the right of the value


  • (Fix) Update Authorize.net embedded cert.pem, which fixes multiple issues that were breaking payments
  • (Fix) Update javascript var used for instant checkout, which fixes the issue that was breaking instant payment checkout
  • (Improvement) Add debug logger to Authorize.net API


  • (Fix) Fix issue with Transarmor tokens when using First Data and a new customer is purchasing
  • (Fix) Update id_modify_order hook when purchasing via IDC so that crowdfunding project totals are properly updated


  • (Fix) Remove check for deprecated global $firstdata var which properly enables First Data gateway
  • (Fix) Load proper Authorize.net lib to prevent broken purchases
  • (Improvement) Update front-end user profile to properly display which fields are public


  • (Fix) Update the way translation strings are localized in order to prevent errors in the admin and/or empty arrays/translations
  • (Improvement) Filter lost password URL on checkout form so that it works with Password Reset module


  • (Improvement) New Square module enables credit card payments via Square’s API
  • (Improvement) New Password Reset module replaces the default user flow and enables password resets on the front-end


  • [IDE] (Fix) Convert fee mods value to integer so it is properly calculated and combined with price, preventing errors on checkout
  • (Fix) Set paytm currency code properly to INR
  • [IDE] (Improvement) Update user creator permissions and roles on registration so that it does not require a refresh before seeing the create project or other creator related menus and buttons
  • [IDE] (Fix) Enable FES subscription creation with stripe even with Stripe Connect disabled
  • (Fix) Backer/Creator profile stats are now properly cached and refreshed
  • [IDE] (Fix) Remove slashes on fee mods text
  • (Fix) Only check subscriptions on dashboard when not free version
  • (Fix) Improve preauth processing when token fails and json doesn’t validate by ensuring paid and refunded are set to 0, which properly updates count
  • (Improvement) Fire jQuery trigger when member is clicked in IDC->Members list
  • (Improvement) Add thumbnails for custom modules
  • [FES] (Improvement) Add post status data attr to FES form
  • (Improvement) Add above/below hooks for dashboard widget area
  • (Improvement) Migrate Coinbase API integration to v2, which has since been deprecated, therefore Coinbase has been temporarily disabled
  • [IDE] (Improvement) Minor styling updates on front-end submission form and checkout


  • (Fix) [IDE] Use parseFloat to ensure fee mods fees do not add zero to checkout price
  • (Fix) Update pay selector bindings to ensure forms show properly and only when necessary
  • (Fix) Ensure proper checkout descriptions show when using a single pay selector
  • (Improvement) Migrate multiple checkout vars to idcPayVars object
  • (Fix) Check is_id_pro prior to instantiating it to prevent fatal error


  • (Improvement) New Paytm module available for standard payments
  • (Improvement) Order date and price now editable via IDC->Orders menu
  • (Improvement) Registration form now properly checks all required fields
  • (Improvement) Remove Contribution Level text and dropdown arrow in lightbox when using Simple FES module
  • (Fix) Trial period checkbox now only populates when value is true rather than when null or true
  • (Fix) Term meta now properly populates in IDC product menu
  • (Fix) Properly populate some empty localization vars
  • (Fix) Update templates and translation files to fix some language bugs
  • (Improvement) Remove several deprecated install checks
  • (Fix) Properly account for multiple levels of nested arrays in Anonymous checkout module


  • [IDE] (Fix) Remove customer_id argument and charge card token, fix email_receipt argument, when processing pre-authorizations that include platform fees
  • (Improvement) Replace mail() functions with wp_mail() so that users can send mail more reliably and integrate with SMTP plugins
  • (Fix) Account for guest checkout in backer list and resolve issue with anonymous checkout and other forms of checkout not showing guest checkout backers and/or displaying them as anonymous
  • (Fix) Divide stripe subscription amount_paid by 100 to ensure price is accurately inserted into db
  • (Improvement) Filter {{AMOUNT}} in project success notification so that it automatically appends currency code
  • (Improvement) Make receipt lightbox more mobile responsive
  • (Improvement) Quick fixes to printable receipt to remove extraneous elements
  • (Improvement) Add ignitiondeck class to registration form


  • (Fix) Only load MailChimp PHP class when it does not already exist
  • (Fix) Duplicate orders no longer added when using Stripe subscriptions
  • (Fix) Standardize IDC->Members and IDC->Orders dates so they match
  • (Fix) Use H (24 hour clock) instead of h (12 hour clock) when creating time entries globally
  • (Fix) Ensure guest checkout redirects to project page when using a single payment gateway


  • (Improvement) Add support for subscription trial periods when processing with PayPal and/or Stripe
  • (Fix) Send email instead of receipt_email when creating Stripe customer during checkout
  • (Fix) Issue preventing full display of order and expiration date on IDC->Members->Products menu
  • (Improvement) Improve checkout styling


  • (Fix) Account for empty $filter when ID_Member_Level::get_levels() is called


  • (Improvement) Update Stripe lib to v4.2, which enables paves the way for additional sources (gateways) and Stripe Connect portal customizations
  • (Improvement) Update Stripe API to version 2017-05-25
  • (Fix) Use default timezone string to set order date on new orders when ID_Member_Order order_date is null, which is almost always
  • (Fix) Ensure checkout_error class is defined before use
  • (Fix) Assign product on registration can now insert and update user
  • (Fix) Add missing data rows in user menu when level is selected
  • (Improvement) Add option to filter get_levels by where = value clause and add caching to improve load time
  • (Improvement) Add search box to refine IDC product results on the bridgeSettings menu
  • (Improvement) Pass additional module details to module class, including requires, status, and tags
  • (Improvement) Allow $user_id to be empty when using ID_Member::match_user()
  • Remove checks for expired license since we now require active license in order to maintain functionality


  • [IDE] (Improvement) Fee Mods module now enables cover fees and donations on checkout
  • [IDE] (Fix) Hide FAQ/Updates when Simple FES is enabled
  • (Fix) Ensure shipping fields save to proper database row
  • (Fix) Bypass fee exchange when using PP Adaptive and fee = 0
  • (Improvement) Export shipping data from order_meta instead of user_meta
  • (Improvement) Use idf_date_format on front_end orders date display
  • (Improvement) Send first name + last name + product name in Stripe description
  • (Fix) Stripslashes on some admin/front-end product entries
  • (Improvement) Minor CSS tweaks/fixes
  • (Improvement) Localize global currency and currency code


  • (Fix) Guest checkout now works with PayPal and Coinbase
  • (Fix) Properly parse login failure URL to prevent 404
  • (Improvement) Secupay module is now live
  • (Improvement) Cleanup of Authorize.net PHP SDK  [Authorize.net now requires PHP >= 7.1]
  • (Improvement) Remove “Select Country” option from address form to prevent from being submitted empty
  • (Improvement) Remove . from “Please complete all fields” string
  • (Improvement) Minor updates to members and orders menu columns and data
  • (Improvement) Improve design of anonymous checkout module on checkout form
  • (Fix) Properly send test return URL when in test mode and using PayPal


  • (Improvement/Fix) Update Authorize.net PHP SDK to latest version, which fixes some connection issues when processing live transactions
  • (Fix) Redirect guest checkout purchases to project page, and display receipt
  • (Improvement) Make address fields required when using the Address on Checkout Module
  • (Improvement) Add and update multiple fields in the IDC->Members and IDC->Orders menu columns, and replace linked membership level buttons with dropdown in IDC->Members menu
  • (Improvement/Fix) Add support for select menus in the extra_fields purchase hook, which also fixes various Coinbase issues
  • (Improvement) Add dashtabs and tab-specific class to each dashboard tab so it can be isolated via CSS
  • (Fix) Registration link on protected page now properly redirects to dashboard


  • (Improvement) Convert country input fields on account and checkout screens to dropdown with country select
  • (Improvement) Add support for Secupay direct debit on pre-order transactions
  • (Improvement) Send country ISO code to Secupay API for proper transaction logging
  • (Improvement) Add support for custom modules via custom-modules directory
  • (Fix) Update PayPal Adaptive error reporting on checkout screen so that it displays proper error and status message
  • (Fix) Set home url as default PayPal return URL, which prevents error when empty
  • (Improvement) Update IDC update check to better handle version and plugin data
  • (Improvement) Alphabetically sort Affiliate WP integrations once IgnitionDeck Commerce is inserted


  • (Fix) [IDE] Schedule project submission emails with 30 second delay to ensure project ID is set
  • (Fix) [IDE] Stripe subscription auto-creation now works properly
  • (Improvement) Add preauth support to Secupay gateway
  • (Improvement) Add new level meta table, class methods for retrieval, and wrapper functions, then use this for customizing and storing product expiration data
  • (Improvement) Install dashicons font
  • (Improvement) Create simple_fes_init action hook
  • (Improvement) Add IgnitionDeck to the AffiliateWP Integrations Menu
  • (Fix) Ensure crowdfunding levels cannot be paired to an empty IDC product
  • (Fix) Ensure AffiliateWP is installed before instantiating its classes
  • (Fix) Replace uses of ob_clean with ob_end_clean
  • (Fix) Update order meta by order_id, which allows update_order_meta to work properly
  • (Fix) Strip slashes in email templates
  • (Improvement) [IDE] Add additional CSS selector to FES form when Simple FES is active
  • (Improvement) Register primary scripts globally so they can be enqueued outside of plugin


  • (Improvement) New AffiliateWP Integration available via IgnitionDeck->Modules menu
  • (Fix) Broken admin dropdowns in IDC menu when using IE


  • (Improvement) [IDE] Introduction of the new Simple FES module, which removes levels (and other data) from the front-end submission form
  • (Fix) Google Ecommerce module now works for all gateways and also sends data related to free products
  • (Fix) [IDE] Front-end submission changes also properly update IDC product variables
  • (Fix) Address multiple issues with address on checkout module as it relates to webhook reliant gateways
  • (Fix) Disable Authorize.net credit card form when guest checkout is enabled
  • (Improvement) Better protection against PayPal form hacking as it relates to discount codes
  • (Improvement) Cache order meta
  • (Improvement) Re-arrange Enterprise Settings menu
  • (Improvement) Use wpautop on custom product emails
  • (Fix) Account for empty subscription variable when receiving payment related webhooks
  • (Improvement) Add multiple filters and action hooks throughout the code base


  • (Fix) Ensure dashboard loads when WP SEO is enabled
  • (Improvement) Add webhook support (PayPal, Stripe Subscriptions, Secupay) to address on checkout module
  • (Improvement) Only send renewal notices for products with active status
  • (Improvement) Remove login redirect to IDC dashboard and instead redirect to current page
  • (Improvement) Multiple efficiency improvements related to our checkout javascript, including the addition of multiple triggers and functions
  • (Fix) Check function is_id_pro exists prior to invoking it
  • (Improvement) Only show crowdfunding settings menu in IDC->Crowdfunding when is_id_pro returns true


  • (Fix) No longer show credits on instant checkout if credit value is 0
  • (Fix) idc_button now properly passes PWYW values to checkout
  • (Fix) [IDE] Properly send project submission confirmations anytime a project is set to pending from another status, including new projects
  • (Improvement) Disable social sharing on order lightbox when order is not yet saved (subscriptions, PayPal, etc)
  • (Improvement) Major overhauls to purchase form javascript in order to improve efficiency


  • (Fix) Properly update project cache on new orders to properly represent crowdfunding total
  • (Fix) Properly flush download cache when creating/modifying/deleting a download
  • (Fix) No longer show dashboard renewal notifications on active recurring products
  • (Improvement) Major updates to guest checkout that allow users to purchase and view receipt immediately without requirement for storing email address
  • (Fix) Remove outdated TLS 1.0 defaults in PayPal Adaptive lib
  • (Fix) Prevent duplicate loading of Stripe lib
  • (Improvement) remove idc_backers_list filter and instead list backers by descending order by default
  • (Fix) Only send project success notifications when using IDE
  • (Improvement) Update Fee Mods thumbnail


  • (Fix) [IDE] Complete project data not being saved when using front-end submission due to missing argument in pending_ignition_product hook
  • (Feature) [IDE] New fee mods module enables custom application fees on a per-project basis
  • (Fix) [IDE] Add preview $_GET parameter to project preview URL when in pending status


  • (Improvement) [IDE] Only send success and update emails to each email address once
  • (Fix) Issue calling undefined function when saving gateways or CRM settings on non-IDE installations
  • (Improvement) Migrate modules class to IDF and extend it
  • (Improvement) Add {{PROJECT_URL}} to merge code list
  • (Fix) Issue with non-wrapping backer comments
  • (Fix) Issue with hidden T&C checkbox on checkout form
  • (Improvement) Add filter idc_backers_list for backer tab display
  • (Fix) Issue with Lemonway disabling even when active
  • (Fix) Issue resulting in Coinbase currency being empty in certain instances
  • (Fix) Minor issue resulting in some categories and posts being protected by default or when empty
  • (Improvement) Add new hook idc_other_gateways_after for IDC->Gateways->Other Gateways section


  • (Fix) New functions and filters to show creator settings when active, and hide when template is empty


  • (Fix) Flush cache when products are created, updated, or deleted in order to properly update list
  • (Improvement) Send project submission emails to admin/creator when project is submitted as pending rather than as draft


  • (Improvement) Add support for multiple subscriptions per-user
  • (Fix) Lightbox next step button was broken in Safari due to invalid syntax
  • (Fix) [IDE] Properly set product status when using FES
  • (Fix) Standardize size options for custom avatar
  • (Improvement) Update Stripe PHP API to version 4.2, which includes transition to namespaces and drops support for TLS 1.0
  • (Fix) Set test modules back to test
  • (Improvement) Only show creator settings when menu is !empty
  • (Improvement)  Merge currency position filter with the IDCF filter that’s used in the idc_display_currency_filter
  • (Improvement) Prepare for Helix integration
  • (Fix) Spacing issue with credit card description template on checkout
  • (Fix) Update and fix multiple translation strings


  • (Fix) Fatal errors when using Lemonway due to invalid template
  • (Fix) Fix text domain and/or values in multiple translation strings
  • (Feature) Add support for custom avatar on front-end account edit screen
  • (Feature) New product status allows more control over product display/functionality (Active, Archived, Disabled)
  • (Feature) Add custom dropdown to Appearances->Menus ->Custom Links admin screen in order to easily add pre-defined IDC links
  • (Improvement) Caching multiple SQL queries to cut down on page load times on both admin and front-end
  • (Improvement) Better handling of stored license states when object caching is present
  • (Fix) Ensure IDF is loaded prior to using function in admin checks to prevent fatal error when IDF is deactivated
  • (Improvement) Run install script/dbDelta on updates without reactivation
  • (Improvement) Add support for Brazilian Real in Stripe currencies
  • (Improvement) Add support for dashboard URL’s when using IDC force https setting
  • (Improvement) Only show non-empty levels in IDC->Members level list
  • (Improvement) Add multiple hooks and filters used for modifying creator/backer names and slugs
  • (Fix) [IDE] Issue with FES drop-down sizing
  • (Improvement) Compress style.css
  • (Fix) Hidden text in checkout when first-time users are using PayPal


  • (Improvement) IgnitionDeck Commerce now has a free version
  • (Improvement) [Shipping on Checkout] Pre-fill address fields and avoid overwrite when submitted empty
  • (Fix) Fatal error in admin when IDCF is deactivated or not installed
  • (Fix) Update pricing page to better address combined pricing
  • (Improvement) Make modules product aware so they only appear when user has proper license
  • (Improvement) Add HKD to Stripe currencies (beta)
  • (Fix) Ensure password fields do not show when PayPal is only enabled gateway


  • (Feature) New module system added and integrating with IDF
  • (Feature) New module for anonymous donations and backers comments on checkout
  • (Feature) New module for shipping fields on checkout
  • (Feature) New module for tracking sales conversions via Google Ecommerce for Analytics
  • (Feature) New module for adding a donation button on creator profile
  • (Feature) IDC Button shortcode now accepts a comma separated list of product ID’s
  • (Improvement) Move language files to languages_default in order to prevent overwriting custom translations
  • (Improvement) Convert Lemonway into module and move files accordingly
  • (Fix) [IDE] Rounding issue on Paypal Adaptive fees
  • (Fix) Incorrect PayPal price when renewing products
  • (Fix) Issue with IDC Button checkout when SEO by Yoast is installed
  • (Fix) Strip slashes in multiple settings menus, front end displays, and email templates
  • (Fix) Multiple PHP Notices resulting from unset or empty default variable values, including custom_message on FES submission


  • (Fix) Redirect to 404 page when login failure occurs


  • (Fix) Issue preventing custom emails from sending on free purchases when account is also created at same time
  • (Fix) Issue preventing javascript on IDC->Email page from loading and saving templates
  • (Fix) Issue properly searching transaction ID’s on IDC->Orders page; also now sort descending
  • (Fix) Strip slashes on orders page, checkout form, and a few additional menu screens and pages
  • (Fix [IDE] Issue submitting projects via FES when not using custom message
  • (Fix) Issue setting proper backer profile URL on project pages
  • (Improvement) [IDE] Import creator profile from IDCF


  • (Fix) Issue that broke checkout on Firefox as a result of scpk variable being undeclared
  • (Fix) Reload login form on checkout when attempt was unsuccessful
  • (Improvement) Create draft status for custom receipt emails
  • (Fix) Issue preventing purchase lightbox from properly loading clicked level price and description
  • (Fix) Replace site_url with home_url in javascript vars for Paypal IPN URL
  • (Improvement) Update Amazon S3 PHP SDK to v3, which prevents composer/autoload errors
  • (Improvement) Error handling on checkout login
  • (Improvement) Port license key functionality to IDF
  • (Improvement) Replace get_currentuserinfo() with wp_get_current_user()
  • (Fix) [IDE] Rounding issue preventing successful charge of fees when more than 2 decimals
  • (Fix) [IDE] Update charset of project submission email template to UTF-8
  • (Improvement) Rearrange multiple admin menus to improve UX
  • (Fix) Missing SendGrid company name and email would occasionally break certain pages on submit/processing.
  • (Improvement) Fixes of minor PHP error notices, minor CSS/UX improvements
  • Rename filter idc_success_checkout to idc_checkout_success


  • (Fix) Issue with recent Chrome update (Version 49) breaking javascript sitewide
  • (Fix) Now load proper level and price in lightbox when clicking on a specific level
  • (Improvement) Update SendGrid integration to latest libraries. Users will be required to enter API key instead of username and password
  • (Fix) Backers list no longer duplicates last backer when expanding to show more.
  • (Fix) PayPal Adaptive pre-authorizes was breaking due to malformed URL
  • (Fix) Errors on processing some preauths fixed. Only loading active gateways libraries
  • (Fix) Lemon Way no longer encounters issue with Guest Checkout
  • (Fix) Miscellaneous errors and notices


  • (Fix) Gateway settings were not being saved on new installations


  • (Feature) Added ability to send custom message in a separate email to product owners directly after purchase
  • (Feature) Added Mexican Peso as a Stripe currency
  • (Feature) [IDE] Added the option to set primary recipient (admin or creator) when using PayPal Adaptive
  • (Feature) Added zip code verification when using Stripe to enhance fraud protection
  • (Feature) Ability to delete an order on the IDC Orders screen
  • (Feature) Added two new email templates – admin and creator notifications on project creation
  • (Improvement) Link to a user’s order history from both the orders screen and the member screen in WP admin
  • (Improvement) Now shows the order time in the timezone set in the WP admin area, instead of using UTC time
  • (Improvement) Added a form and hidden inputs on protected page for use in sending javascript messages
  • (Improvement) Better handling of additional purchase form fields added via hook. Now properly parse via javascript and $_POST
  • (Fix) In some scenarios, users were being inserted twice when a product was assigned to registration
  • (Fix) Receipts now print properly
  • (Fix) Multiple bugs related to PayPal Adaptive pre-authorization
  • (Fix) Display issues related to Coinbase and Offline Checkout currencies
  • (Fix) Levels were duplicating in Export menu in IDC
  • (Fix) [IDE] Levels with creator access were not being properly displayed as checked on settings screeen
  • (Fix) Email no longer saves on Account Dashboard if a user with this email already exists
  • (Fix) Some users experienced an error on charge token creation when using Authorize.Net
  • (Fix) Fixed issue that forced some users, on some servers, to save project assignments twice
  • (Fix) Correctly update the subscription count in database after successful payment
  • (Fix) Fixed some issues with category protection
  • (Fix) Coinbase errors were not being returned properly, resulting in the breaking of lightbox modal
  • Other minor bug fixes and style changes


  • Product renewals will expire on the correct expiry (according to original product purchase date) rather than date of renewal.
  • Product renewal reminders no longer send after a product was renewed before expiry.
  • Fixed: Checkout will no longer (occasionally) stick on ‘processing’ for logged-out/new users.
  • Balanced Payment Gateway removed from supported Gateways.
  • Currency displays on checkout with Stripe
  • Added link for forgot password in checkout form
  • Addition of multiple translation strings, including on checkout.
  • Receipt emails now sent when users purchase via PayPal
  • (IDE) Upload Rewards for projects now possible from the front-end for project creators.
  • Added Pending status for order confirmation lightbox after checkout, for pre-order purchases.
  • Fixed: Checkout when using Stripe for recurring products not showing confirmation box due to late Webhooks coming from Stripe. Pending status is now shown.
  • Stylesheet updates and improvements to dashboard, checkout, orders tab and create account page.
  • (IDE) Fixed: Project submission notifications send on ‘submit for approval’ and not ‘save draft’
  • Fixes to Stripe plan creation for subscriptions and the recurring products when using Stripe.
  • (IDE) Fixed: Project author post editing based on post_author
  • Improvements to Credit Card validation
  • PWYW products updated to not allow user to put a price below the default price of the product.
  • Authorize.net improvements to recurring and pre-authorization functions
  • Now showing ‘Create Project’ rather than ‘My Projects’ if a user has no projects created on Dashboard.
  • When upgrading, credits reflect proper credit assignments, and not addition of total credits.
  • Fixed: IDC remains inactive if IDF is not yet activated.  IDF deactivation now plays nice with IDC.
  • Fixed: Issue of Checkout From not showing when using IDC Button shortcode.
  • Fixed: Rare issue of levels mixing on save of project on FES
  • Fixed: Upgrades expire according to original purchase date and not upgrade purchase date.
  • Fixed: IDCF lightbox total field now does complete numeric comparisons when changing amount to pledge.
  • Fixed: Currency symbol displays in receipt rather than currency code.
  • Fixed: Protected categories return $content rather than null
  • Fixed: Some hosting environments didn’t like how License Keys validated – not anymore.
  • Fixed: Credits display correct value on checkout screen.
  • Fixed: PayPal Adaptive IPN Orders being delivered with complete info
  • Fixed: Protected posts and projects are now hidden from grids and lists.
  • Fixed: Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy display based on if they are selected or empty.
  • Fixed: Creator Profile now displays when Yoast SEO is active.
  • Print receipt now includes more variables to ensure only relevant invoice data will print.
  • Numerous hooks and filters added to improve features coming in the near future.


  • Completely new design! We’ve re-skinned the front end dashboard, dashboard pages, general form pages, and checkout form
  • New upgrade pathways allow you to create upgrade levels so that upgrades can be automatically processed
  • New button shortcode allows you to dynamically create lightbox with pay what you want functionality for IDC products
  • Automatically send renewal emails when products are about to expire (30 days, 14 days, 7 days, 1 day)
  • New option to block purchases from specific users, accessible via the IDC->Members menu
  • Check for existence of IDF prior to activation and abort if not found
  • Add support for Danish Krone, Swiss Frank, and Swedish Krona to Stripe
  • Add additional error handling for login screens, such as for wrong password
  • Replace image URL field in downloads section with media editor button
  • Add set of duplicate idc_ prefixed shortcodes to prepare for deprecation of memberdeck_ syntax
  • Separate checkout descriptions into separate templates so that they can be filtered
  • Add new checkout button animation so that users know when checkout is in progress
  • (IDE) Hide payment account tab (creator profile) unless there is content to display
  • (IDE) Fix auto-generation of Stripe plan when creating subscriptions via FES
  • Fix some issues with Authorize.net purchases caused when using Address Verification Service (AVS)
  • Fix bug causing some fields to be hidden on user registration page
  • Fix bugs causing issues converting prices to credits, and properly storing credit value
  • Fixed some issues with PWYW when credits are set to default currency
  • Fix several issues with renewals, including price and linking
  • (IDE) Fixed bug that kept orders and membership-registration pages empty when also using Yoast SEO plugin
  • Fix issues preventing error messages from displaying with declined cards when using Stripe
  • Move global currency setting from IDC->Crowdfunding to the main IDC menu
  • Fix issues preventing content protection of bbPress forums and posts
  • (IDE) Better error handling for user profile page
  • Fix issue preventing post-order popup from showing up when using credits, offline purchase, and recurring gateways (other than Stripe)
  • Swap ‘powered by’ logo with new version
  • Remove IDCF disclaimer from checkout
  • Fix UX with instant checkout dashboard popup as it relates to payment options being available/not being available
  • Add placeholders for thumbnail sized products/downloads on the dashboard screen
  • Major CSS tweaks to improve dashboard modularity and responsiveness
  • Fix issue preventing receipts for Authorize.net purchases
  • Plural/singular support for custom credit labels
  • Fix issues with terms & conditions checkbox in Firefox
  • Fix issues causing the print receipt function to render invalid markup
  • (IDE)Round fees when % led to more than 2 decimals.


  • New feature that allows you to create a custom name for credits/virtual currency
  • Update Authorize.net to better handle duplicate and expired credit cards
  • Add new ‘source’ table to subscription table to better manage cancellation
  • Update filters on purchase form descriptions to ensure price is properly formatted and set
  • Fix ‘No Payment Options Available’ error when just Paypal is selected
  • Remove credit card form when only Paypal Adaptive is enabled
  • Update new project submission notification to fire only when submitted, but not when draft is saved
  • Add wp_editor to Send Message to Group feature
  • Strip Slashes from product name on member page to prevent them displaying with apostrophe’s


  • New payment integrations: Authorize.net and Paypal Adaptive (does not support recurring)
  • (IDE) New enterprise menu for the handling of Paypal Adaptive fees
  • Add option to automatically grant singular product access to a user on registration
  • Convert order date to 24 hour format
  • Make optional to create new page w/ shortcode when creating product
  • Fix dashboard URL upgrade check so that it will not be set to empty when converting to new page ID format
  • Hide Stripe plan field in IDC product menu if Stripe is not enabled
  • Disable Coinbase on pre-auth product type
  • Fix conditional that displays level name on new order receipts so that it uses level name if order_level_key isn’t available.
  • Store user IP address in order meta
  • Fix slug on order search causing 404/permissions error
  • (IDE) Fix bug preventing level from being saved on creator permissions setting
  • Ensure free levels are not artificially expired on login
  • Add option to disable purchases with credits
  • Fix bug preventing offline payment purchases from adding purchaser to member list with proper product assignment
  • Fix issue that was causing old_db_version to return null and also renamed to old_idc_version
  • Removed the option to use IDCF settings in global currency and ported setting to the proper currency
  • Fix redirect link on login failure
  • Fix bug causing force https to occasionally result in an infinite redirect loop
  • Stripslashes from product name prior to output in admin menus
  • Use sanitize_text_field on all text inputs in order to ensure white spaces are trimmed from the string
  • Fix dashboard instant checkout bug that would allow it to display without available payment options, or with incorrect options


  • New Coinbase integration allows funding of projects via Bitcoin. Does not currently offer any additional front-end options for use with IDE FES projects
  • (IDE) New backer list displays list of backers on single project pages, and links to backer profile where appropriate
  • (IDE) FES project edits now also edit the IDC product settings
  • (IDE) IDC product titles are now prepended by IDCF project titles when created via FES
  • Fix bug causing PWYW with credits to incorrectly record purchase price
  • Fix bug causing some failures when posting backers to Mailchimp
  • Make proper use of Paypal return URL in IDC->Gateways
  • (IDE) Fix issue causing Paypal funds to be sent to the admin instead of project creator
  • Fix bug causing login failures to redirect to a 404 page
  • Fix issue allowing PWYW price to be less than level price when using Paypal.
  • Update dashboard setting to page select in order to better handle permalinks
  • Update to support default permalinks
  • (IDE) Fix security issue that allows non-authors and guests to view project files
  • (IDE) Hide front end payment settings menu if there aren’t any options available


  • Fix bug preventing Paypal IPN from being received, thus keeping orders from posting


  • (IDE) Creators can now add downloads to projects and products on a per-level basis
  • (IDE) Support for PWYW with credits
  • Fix bug forcing all offline checkout orders to store as USD
  • Fix bug with pre-orders that caused level price and not pwyw price to be submitted
  • (IDE) Fix bug preventing front-end Paypal email addresses from being used after users have created a project
  • (IDE) Add media editor to front-end submission forms where WYSIWYG is present
  • Update email templates to use global currency instead of default USD
  • Fix bug that caused invalid language file path to load, rendering translations inoperable
  • (IDE) Fix bug caused by is_id_network_activated function
  • (IDE) Add support for default permalinks on user dashboard
  • (IDE) New projects automatically enable multiples so that users can donate multiple times
  • (IDE) Hide payment settings on front-end when no front-end options are enabled
  • (IDE) Add instant checkout support for First Data
  • Fix bug preventing instant checkout option from appearing
  • Store additional order meta (‘preauth_error’) when a preauth cannot be processed.
  • Update credit card handler to accept and re-tokenize cards with new expiration dates in order to prevent ‘card expired’ message
  • Update bug causing error to display on order menu when a level has been deleted
  • Responsive/mobile fix for T&C checkbox


  • Fix bug preventing admin created projects from showing in the IDC->Crowdfunding menu
  • Fix bug preventing S3 from being disabled once enabled
  • Add extra fields handler for registration form hook
  • Fix bug causing some emails not to work on registration/paypal 1st payment as a result of missing order id parameter
  • Fix bug causing some instances of enable creator to not save


  • New post-purchase lightbox with order information that enables printing of receipts/invoices from the dashboard
  • (IDE) New front-end order export for creators on ‘My Projects’ screen
  • (IDE) New creator settings options to enable creator status via three options (admin only, by membership, anyone) and with opt-in requirement option
  • Ability to pay with credits on purchase form
  • (IDE) New Mailchimp settings option on front-end so users can build an email list when submitting projects on IDE sites
  • New option to require terms/privacy policy to be confirmed on checkout
  • New orders tab display list of orders made and shows option to view order popup with option to print again
  • New global display currency when crowdfunding is enabled. This will allow you to display in any supported currency, including virtual currency
  • (IDE) If virtual currency is set as display currency, set level price as credit value and not price value
  • Remove ‘Activate for Membership’ radio option and instead use IDF platform setting to enable by default when IDC is active and set as commerce platform
  • Update to Font Awesome 4.2.0
  • Disable PWYW if display currency set to virtual
  • New filter for displaying and formatting price values with currency on front-end displays and order menus/screens
  • New update and get ordermeta class methods. Initially used to store gateway and currency information
  • Fix bug that caused offline checkout to override display of credit card form
  • Fix bugs caused when trying to unserialize arrays or use serialized values
  • Fix bug on subscription limits that was preventing them from canceling
  • Fix bug on instant checkout that caused stuck at processing when no option selected
  • Fix bug that allowed info and doc icons to show even when empty
  • Fix bug that caused Paypal PWYW to send wrong price
  • Remove ‘secure’ ribbon on checkout form since it did not have SSL validation tied to its appearance


  • Fix bug causing manual checkout to override credit card gateways


  • Make possible to use offline payments on its own
  • Fix errors caused when trying to unserialize an array
  • Hide subscription form on dashboard unless subscriptions are present
  • Store gateway source and currency code in order_meta after successful order
  • Fix bug preventing weekly and annual Paypal subscriptions
  • Add UTF-8 encoding to the order export
  • Remove animation action on purchase button click since it is no longer used in conjunction with IDF
  • Update menu icon


  • (IDE) Fix issue preventing IDCF resources from loading when using multisite
  • Set offline checkout to 0 by default, preventing javascript errors on fresh installations
  • Fix bug preventing hidden downloads from saving properly on edit
  • Remove beta label from Stripe beta text
  • Fix bug causing improper formatting of emails when using PHP Mail
  • Convert email templates to UTF-8
  • (IDE) Set default fund type to prevent issues with new product creation on FES
  • Fix bug preventing products from being created/assigned on certain server environments
  • Convert to post thumbnails when showing project image1


  • Optimize query to improve page load on IDC->Members
  • (IDE) Do not attempt to create Stripe subscription via FES if Stripe Connect is not enabled
  • Fixed hidden input showing on purchase form
  • Fix bug preventing registration after attempting to use an email that already exists
  • Fix bug preventing content protection option from saving
  • Use proper dashboard URL for post-purchase redirect
  • Fix spelling error


  • New Feature: Now offering pay what you want with both zero and a minimum payment amount. Includes support for dynamic subscriptions via Stripe
  • New Feature: Subscriptions (via Stripe) can be set to automatically cancel after x number of payments
  • New Feature: (IDE) Subscriptions now available for FES
  • New Feature: You can now set products to be renewable after expiration, including a customized renewal price
  • New Feature: Stripe subscription cancellations can now be processed by users on the front-end, and by admins on the backend
  • New Feature: New admin setting to enable multiple purchases of a single item
  • New Feature: Guest checkout capabilities added. Accounts are automatically created for use later, if required
  • New Feature: New email templates section added. Includes a set of merge codes for each template
  • New Feature: (IDE) Several new email triggers, including project success and project update
  • New Feature: Can now add manual payments via front-end. Helpful for transactions that require promise to pay
  • New Feature: Add option to theme customizer that allows you to automatically add register/account links to any menu
  • Major Update: Major improvement to order export that includes shipping info
  • Major Update: Stripe Connect no longer stores customers on a per-connected user basis and instead has transitioned to global customers. This should fix many checkout bugs that occur when users try to purchase via multiple creators
  • New profile item to enable creator accounts so that they don’t show unless requested
  • Fix bug causing some emails not to send as a result of missing variable
  • Fixed bug preventing the proper saving of project category protection
  • New idc_after_install hook fires after activation
  • Strip slashes on account bio
  • Fixed bug caused by missing Stripe currency in process pre-order function
  • Improvements in handling exceptions during Balanced checkout
  • Optimize Stripe Connect admin settings to only pull users that are already connected
  • Convert download_levels column to text to prevent space limitation issues


  • Fixed bug that caused download levels to expire if free
  • Updated some file includes to reflect new file structure


  • New First Data payment gateway integration
  • New option to enable renewals via the IDC product menu
  • New option to re-assign product ownership inside of the Stripe Connect menu
  • Fix issue that showed free levels expiring on dash
  • Fix issue causing admin to not load levels for a user inside of members
  • Fix project category protection so that it saves properly.
  • Improved exception handling for Stripe checkout
  • Add option to login from purchase form, and toggle to switch between options
  • Fix bug causing purchase form to break when success hook is missing email address
  • Only load idcommerce-admin.js on IDC pages
  • Change menu name from ID Commerce to IDC
  • Fix conflict with Jetpack
  • New jQuery  trigger for free product registration success:  idcFreeSuccess
  • Add affiliate link input to show idc love section.
  • Adding new product to member via admin no longer results in an order for the items they already own.
  • Fix empty level name on registration receipt that was due to the fact we hadn’t received level ID yet. Sending order ID via the hook so we can get order and then level id.
  • Add transaction ID to receipt via addition of order ID to hook.
  • New email class created to better manage sending of emails
  • Add password reset link to login form
  • Fix bug that allowed incorrect Mailchimp credentials to break purchase process
  • Fix Paypal redirect on return from payment submission
  • Add option to update user credits via the IDC->Members menu
  • New option to revoke Stripe Connect credentials for connected users
  • Minor CSS updates and visual improvements
  • Fix bugs resulting from unserialized database options
  • Update old MemberDeck nomenclature to IgnitionDeck Commerce
  • Add new merge variable (IDC_FREE) to mailchimp integration to allow segmentation between free and premium users


  • Complete re-structure of plugin naming conventions from MemberDeck to IgnitionDeck Commerce
  • Disable WP SEO hooks on registration, purchase, login, and other dashboard related pages in order to prevent empty content
  • Update login link on purchase form to use proper dashboard link
  • Proper auto-login and message after registration
  • Send customer email variable to Stripe so receipts can be used via Stripe admin
  • Return proper error message when email is re-used during registration
  • Dashboard checkout button text changes to ‘processing’ once pressed in order to reflect current status
  • Preparation for FirstData gateway
  • Update Paypal IPN handler to properly track price on non-USD transactions


  • WordPress Update Support via License Key
  • Dashboard icons now easier to find before hover
  • Fixed additional bugs related to successful processing of transactions


  • Fix bug causing payment settings to not save properly
  • Fix bug causing Stripe Connect credentials to not properly save


  • Enable choice between capture and pre-auth on FES (IDE)
  • Added orders menu to admin with basic transaction search
  • Option to hide WP Toolbar for non-admins
  • Wrap FES with dashboard tabs (IDE)
  • Active state to dashboard tabs (IDE)
  • Fix member counts


  • Support for Balanced Marketplaces on user submitted projects(IDE)
  • Fix Stripe Connect % fee calculation
  • Change text and logos from MemberDeck to IgnitionDeck Commerce


  • Free users now automatically added to Mailchimp when enabled
  • Add credits to admin user display table
  • Update Font Awesome to 4.0
  • Fix HTML formatting on new project submission email when sent via PHP Sendmail
  • Change text on dashboard from Member to Customer and Guest to Member
  • Added shipping info to member export file
  • Fix compatibility issues with bbPress in WP 3.8
  • Fixed level association bug when adding new levels via FES when project is in draft status
  • Delete product/level associations when an IgnitionDeck project is deleted
  • Fix redirect to dashboard after registration
  • Add new help and documentation buttons to all admin menus
  • Update admin help to use toggles instead of additional metaboxes
  • Change context of MemberDeck ‘levels’ to MemberDeck ‘products’
  • Fix some issues with customer_id and balanced_customer_id by changing from global to class method
  • Fix instant checkout by moving from global to class method
  • Fixed issue with wp_autop on forms causing extra line breaks
  • Fixed multiple bugs that led to improper Stripe Connect grants/authorizations and rejected tokens

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