Plugin Wizard

Welcome to the IgnitionDeck plugin wizard (new with IgnitionDeck 1.7.0)! With 6 simple steps, you will have the IgnitionDeck plugin dependancies installed and activated, validate your license, set your commerce platform, and access optional items such as themes and additional support resources!

IgnitionDeck in 6 easy steps

  1. Register

    With the IgnitionDeck plugin installed from the WordPress plugin repository or via ZIP upload, the first step is register with IgnitionDeck to access premium support, updates and announcements, and access downloadable modules. This step is optional. Enter your best email and then click the Register button, or you can skip this step and come back to it later.

  2. Install

    IgnitionDeck has two plugin dependencies: IgnitionDeck Crowdfunding and IgnitionDeck Commerce. Both plugins do need to be installed and activated*. Click the Install/Activate button. Installation and activation times will vary depending on your internet connection and/or server speeds. Once the dependencies have been installed and activated, the status of the plugins will be updated and a continue button will appear to proceed to the next step.

    * If you are using WooCommerce, the IgnitionDeck Commerce plugin must still be installed and activated on your site.

  3. Upgrade

    The Upgrade step is where the IgnitionDeck license can be entered to activate the functionality of IgnitionDeck Echelon or IgnitionDeck Enterprise. Enter your license key into the field and click the Active button. Upon validation of the license, a confirmation notice will be display as well as the expiry date of the current license.

    One the license has been activate, a selection option for the commerce platfrom of the site will displayed:

    • The Free Edition of the plugin will automatically use ID Commerce and will not display a selection option
    • The IgnitionDeck Echelon version of the plugin can be used with ID Commerce or WooCommerce*
    • The IgnitionDeck Enterprise version of the plugin should be used with ID Commerce.

      * WooCommerce must be installed for it to be an option available for the commerce platform

      License validation confirmation and commerce selection:

      Validation Error messages

      • License expired message Please follow the link in the message to renew your existing IgnitionDeck Echelon or IgnitionDeck Enterprise license key
      • Activation limit message IgnitionDeck Enterprise does permit both a live site and a local development site. Please follow the link in the message to remove any unneeded URL registration. If you are using a staging/development environment provided by your web host, please contact IgnitionDeck Support for assistance
      • Expiry date of 1970 Please click the Activate button to force a license refresh
  4. Themes

    The Themes step provides a convenient means to obtain any of the IgnitionDeck themes that are included with your IgnitionDeck plugin license. 

    The Free Edition of the IgnitionDeck plugin does require the installation and use of the 500 Framework theme. Clicking the button will install the theme for you; however, you must still go to Appearance ยป Themes to activate the theme.

  5. Configure

    The Configure step provides a one-stop location to set all the basic required settings for the IgnitionDeck Crowdfunding plugin, as well as provides the option to create optional pages/content.

    Under the Required settings:

    - Default pages including the IgnitionDeck front end dashboard and checkout page,

    - Site default settings including permalinks, timezone, receipt settings, and sitewide currency

    - Check and link to set payment gateway(s)

    Under the Optional settings:

    - Create a Terms of Service page (includes a sample text template)

    - Create a Privacy Policy page (will not overwrite WP default privacy page)

    - Option to create a working demo project titled "Sample Project"

    - Option to delete the demo project and its associated data.

  6. Connect

    Get in touch with us to share your successes, ask questions, or take advantage of our Valet or Customization services.

    This page also has many handy links to additonal resources.

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