Which Plugin Package is Right for Me?

The IgnitionDeck Echelon is a great option if you are doing crowdfunding for yourself or on behalf of another. It gives you additional payment options for credit cards over the free version of the plugin. Integrations for SendGrid and Mandrill for emails, MailChimp for newsletters built right in to keep in touch with your supporters via email and share your projects across social networks, and track data on where your visitors are going on your site and where they are coming from to better target your advertising. 

The IgnitionDeck Enterprise is a white-labeled product that allows you to create a platform that permits other users to create and manage their own projects. You can set up your payment gateways to collect crowdfunding fees (available with Stripe) and direct funds to your project creators. The platform supports several different funding options: immediate capture, 100% threshold, and recurring/subscription payment options depending on your payment gateway choice. There are a few additional modules available with the IgnitionDeck Enterprise suite that are specific to the front end project creation functionality and are therefore not applicable to the IgnitionDeck Echelon suite.

IgnitionDeck (free) IgnitionDeck Echelon IgnitionDeck Enterprise
License renewal n/a Yes—annual Yes—annual
Site registrations Unlimited Unlimited 1 domain
Payment gateways PayPal only PayPal, credit card, and Bitcoin PayPal, credit card, and Bitcoin
Project creation Admins only Admins only Admin and frontend users
Modules n/a 12 available All available
Included theme 500 Framework
500 Classic
All IgnitionDeck themes All IgnitionDeck themes
Support for non-ID
No Yes Yes
WooCommerce support No Yes No—requires IDC for frontend project form
Crowdfunding fees n/a n/a Yes
Multisite support n/a n/a Yes
funding support
No Yes Yes
MailChimp integration No Yes Yes

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